11 tips on how to set up a successful beauty salon

The beauty market continues to grow. Learn how to plan well and set up a successful salon!

Opening a beauty salon can be a great option for those who are already part of the business or want to start a business. In fact, opportunities in the beauty and aesthetics segment are among the most sought-after business models and suitable for investments in recent years.

Advantages of opening a beauty salon

There are several reasons to open a beauty salon. Check out.

  • It is an expanding sector in the country;
  • It offers the possibility of working with services and products;
  • It has different segment options;
  • It has high demand and a varied audience;
  • Greater customer loyalty;
  • The flexibility of business models;


Tips for setting up a successful salon

Now that you know a little more about the sector, it’s time to find out how you can set up a successful beauty salon in a practical and efficient way. Check out the tips below:


  1. Acquire knowledge in the field of beauty

Studying the beauty sector is the first step to understanding more about the investment, in addition to acquiring skills to offer your customer what they are looking for, which guarantees more experience, facilitating the attraction of new customers and the loyalty of old ones.


  1. Know the market well

Another essential factor is to understand how the segment works, which are the best suppliers, who are the direct and indirect competitors, and what are their strengths. Pay attention to these details and discover how to stand out, in addition to creating a true differential.


  1. Build a good business plan

The business plan is the document that serves as a compass in creating the salon. In it, it is necessary to list all the information that can help in practice, such as suppliers, necessary equipment, investment, and best points, among others.


  1. Define your salon’s niche

Will your salon be aimed at the general public or a specific client profile, such as women, men and children? Before getting down to business, it is important to define who your ideal client will be and, based on this information, define the style of the salon and services offered.


  1. Know your audience profile

With the niche defined, it’s time to research your audience. It is important for you to understand what your needs and desires are, ensuring that services or products are offered that meet your expectations, as well as helping to define other details, such as values.


  1. Choose a good location

This can be one of the determining factors for the success of your salon. The location of your salon needs to be in line with the public profile and take into account the competition.


  1. Invest in structure and equipment

Every salon needs the appliances, furniture, products and other equipment necessary to structure it properly. In this case, make a spreadsheet and list the priorities according to the services offered, as this directly influences the customer experience.


  1. Assemble a team of good professionals

To succeed and satisfy customers, a beauty salon needs a specialized and well-trained staff. Therefore, check the possibility of relying on the help of well-qualified professionals for the services you will offer to your audience.


  1. Be aware of beauty trends and offer new products and services related to them

Every day there are innovations and trends in the area of ​​beauty. Therefore, to always be ahead of the competition and surprise your customers, it is necessary to be attentive and consider the development of services and products related to these launches, increasing customer attraction.


  1. Legalize and regularize the beauty salon

Your salon also needs to comply with the rules that ANVISA has decreed for operation. In addition to bureaucratic procedures, the establishment must undergo inspections to ensure that everything is working properly and in accordance with the law. In addition, it is also important to regularize your salon, which depending on billing, may qualify as an MEI.


  1. Structuring promotions and offers to attract new customers

Who is not seen is not remembered. Therefore, work on attracting new customers and loyalty. Use different tools that can help attract customers and move your salon, such as a good marketing plan that considers promoting your business.

Invest in your own business!

With the growth of the beauty market, opening a salon can be a great alternative for those who are already part of the business or want to start a business. Thus, with training and investment, it is possible to offer a great experience to customers and, consequently, attract good results for your business.

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