7 steps to implement a successful delivery in your business


What is a successful delivery? 

Several factors can influence the success or not of delivery, but without a doubt focusing on practicality, economy and efficiency are the main pillars to obtaining good results. 

With this, businesses that want to expand their activities and focus on product delivery need to be aware of what is really interesting for their consumer, such as offering a positive experience that not only stimulates their purchases but guarantees their loyalty. 


The importance of working with delivery 

What was already a reality in the daily life of the consumer, gained even more strength because of the pandemic. Thanks to security measures, consumers are increasingly looking for solutions that allow them to consume products without the need to physically expose themselves. 

With this, in addition to increasing customer satisfaction, your business can access different advantages, such as increased sales and greater recognition in the market. 

Other advantages that successful delivery offers are: 

  • Convenience for customers;
  • Ease of order management and management;
  • Increase in the average ticket (average amount spent on purchases);
  • Mass dissemination;
  • Increase in clientele;
  • Expansion of the area of ​​operation;
  • Great value for money.


7 steps to implement a successful delivery in your business

It is not enough to simply offer a delivery option for your products. For your delivery to be a success and bring good results to your business, you need to create a good strategy, considering the following points of attention:


  1. Think about the structure of your delivery system

There are several models that can be applied to your business, including traditional delivery in which the customer places the order and you deliver to the requested address. Therefore, before defining the system that will be used, it is necessary to map the demand, which are the seasonalities and the busiest days, adapting your team and structure to the service. Another important point is to understand the possible financial return for this investment. 


  1. Think about the products that will be delivered

For businesses that work mainly with food, it is necessary to carefully analyze the products that will be part of the delivery menu. The ideal is to prioritize those that will not lose quality in transport, providing a good experience to customers. 


  1. Choose safe and practical packaging

The packaging can make a difference in your delivery, because, in addition to the positive and differential image created by your brand, it is responsible for preserving the transported products and reducing or increasing costs according to the use of space. 

Give preference to materials that are not easily damaged, which facilitate the handling of your team and also by customers, improving your consumption experience. 


  1. Set delivery rates

Delivery rates need to work both ways: attractive to your customers, but also keeping your business profitable. Generally, the best way is not to put the fee in the price of the products, but to create a fee that will be informed when placing the order, detailing that this amount is responsible for defraying delivery operations. 


  1. Diversify payment methods

Those who want to sell more must prepare to serve as many customers as possible. In the case of product delivery, diversifying the means of payment is essential. In addition to traditional methods, such as credit, debit and cash cards, it is good to be aware of solutions aimed at practicality. After all, it’s what delivery customers are looking for. 

Therefore, be sure to consider payment solutions via Pix, QR Code, among others. 


  1. Test your delivery system

Even thinking big, the idea is to start small. To run tests that help improve your product delivery service. You can start with the region of your establishment or offer just a few product options with delivery. So you can analyze what adjustments are needed to expand operations.  


  1. spread the news

With everything ready to serve customers, it’s time to publicize the news so that the public is aware of your new service. Be sure to inform existing customers and drive this launch using social media, offline media and other marketing tools. 



Invest in product delivery and achieve more results in your business!

Undoubtedly, delivery is a business model that has everything to become increasingly popular and help boost your business results. So be ready to meet consumer needs and get ahead of market changes. 

Start adapting to the solutions that the market offers and stand out from the competition.

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