8 ways to make extra income

Discover the possibilities you have to fatten your budget. Who wouldn’t want to have extra money at the end of the month? Seeking extra income is a good idea when it comes to reinforcing earnings and even taking a test to start a business of your own, isn’t it?



According to a survey by Acho Certo, 77% of respondents would like to have an extra activity to earn more money, but they don’t know how to do it. This proves that there is still a lack of knowledge about extra income. To keep you well informed, we bring you some answers and paths.

What is the practical meaning of extra income? 

Extra income is additional remuneration that differs from the main activity carried out in a job, for example. It is used as a strategy that aims to complement the salary, that is, the earnings are more than expected.

The idea of ​​extra income is to guarantee a little break in your budget, which can be used to create a savings account, set up an emergency reserve, make investments or fulfill a dream. 


8 efficient ways to make extra income

Whether it’s extra money or a start-up for your own business, there are several ideas to make money without large initial investments. Here are some examples of extra income that we have separated for you:  

food sale

If you have a knack for cooking and enjoy cooking, selling food can be a way to turn your skill into profit. Within this option, there are several niches to be explored, such as sweets, birthday party foods, pasta or fitness lunchboxes.

A tip is to be able to reconcile what you know how to prepare best with what is in demand in your region.

 product resale 

Reselling products can also be an advantageous alternative to improve your earnings. A positive point of this segment is that there is a wide range of products to invest, available at an affordable price. 


 Work as a delivery person or provide service for apps

Whether with your own vehicle or not, nowadays, several applications allow you to make an extra income. Without a car, you can work as a delivery man, using a motorcycle or bicycle.  

If you have a car, you might consider providing service for the apps, working your available hours. 

 Participate in the referral program Can you imagine earning extra money just by referring amazing products and solutions to your network of contacts? Yes, it is possible to make an income simply by inviting friends and family to sell with the Point machine.


 Provide advice or teach online classes

Anyone who is comfortable with a language, knows how to play an instrument or any other skill that can be taught, can give classes or online consultations in overtime.

This can be done both individually and in groups, which makes the venture more profitable. Remember: what you know can be useful to someone and, still, make more money in your budget.

Sell ​​clothes and objects you no longer use  

You know that piece of clothing you bought and didn’t use, or that product that is in a corner of your house forgotten and gathering dust?

These items can gain a more useful destination and turn money in your pocket. 


 make crafts 

If you are good with manual tasks or already do it as a hobby, you can turn this activity into an extra income. With affordable materials, you can create amazing decor pieces and gifts to sell online. 

Among the advantages: learning techniques online, creating personalized items and continuing to share knowledge in the form of consultations.

 Rent rooms in your house

Do you have an unused room in your house? How about making it profitable? Platforms like Airbnb make this possible. Just set a price and availability to create an ad and get in touch with travelers. This also applies to the family beach house and other available properties. 


Save or earn more? 

As you have seen, there are several ways to make extra income. The important thing is that it does not become an obligation, on the contrary, it must be pleasant within your routine. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an activity with which you already have an affinity and enjoy doing on a daily basis. 

In addition, it is essential to organize your financial life and find ways to save money and stay out of debt . After all, the problem is not always how much you earn, but how you spend

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