9 tips to increase your sales this holiday season

To take advantage of this favorable moment for online sales, pay attention to the following tips for your e-commerce:

Plan yourself


In this period, people are more willing to buy, that is, this is the perfect opportunity to offer the best to your customers. Therefore, it is essential to plan ahead. Try to start with a study of the behavior and interest of your business’s target audience.

This involves stock preparation in relation to the expected demand volume, attractive prices, and, mainly, logistics. It is normal that on Black Friday the deadlines increase, due to the movement. And when it comes to holiday gifts, there are many cases where the customer prefers to pay a little more and receive the purchases in a short time. That’s why it’s so important to program to be able to meet consumer needs.

Make promotions


It is impossible to talk about Black Friday, for example, without mentioning discounts, promotions and irresistible offers. But it’s no use offering the best conditions if your customers don’t know that. With that in mind, start reinforcing your business’s digital presence now and work on relationships and communication so that they are ready to buy from your store when the time comes.

Be sure to map out what has the most value for your customer and use this information to plan offers. But always remember to evaluate factors such as inventory and profit margin so as not to harm your billing.

Invest in social networks


Those who sell online know the potential of social networks when it comes to leveraging revenue. Making attractive posts about your products can be an excellent strategy for end-of-year sales. Be sure to use different platforms to stay in touch with your audience: short videos on TikTok and Reels, for example, can be a great way to explore your promotions.

Prepare your team


To obtain good results, the sales team must be prepared to serve the consumer in the best possible way. Customers who are undecided can be guided by their consultants with indications of the most suitable products and their differentials. Whether in person or in e-commerce, a well-prepared team can make a difference.

Bet on simplicity


With so many offers and competition online, one way to stand out is to provide a simple, straightforward experience and make life easier for the shopper during this period. Therefore, when promoting your sales, focus on strategic products, which will be the central point of your promotion. Also, make information about products and exclusive benefits clear, objective and easy to understand.

Count on channels like WhatsApp


If your customer is on WhatsApp, your store should be too. Therefore, selling through WhatsApp Business should be an important point of your sales strategy at the end of the year. After all, it is an efficient tool to serve and satisfy the customer, whether with service or sales.

Think strategies


This strategy integrates all sales and communication channels of a store. The idea is to provide the customer with the same positive experience at all touchpoints – whether physical, virtual or social media, for example.

Invest in after-sales


Many entrepreneurs forget about after-sales, but it is an important tool, after all, the sale does not end when the customer leaves the store or completes the purchase in the e-commerce. Take advantage of shoppers who will shop after Black Friday. Even after the customer receives the order, it’s nice to keep in touch and check your opinion about the purchase. Thus, you guarantee return and loyalty, including for Christmas and New Year shopping.

Inventory control


When it comes to seasonality and periods of more intense movement, it is essential not to miss or run out of items in stock. With proper preparation and control, you can offer the right products at a competitive price and make your investment work.

Planning, planning, and planning

To take advantage of the opportunities of this period more efficiently, it is necessary to plan in advance so that there is time for delivery and distribution of goods. It is often possible to find even more attractive purchase conditions when anticipating your orders, so don’t leave your e-commerce preparations for the end of the year to the last minute.

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