Cloud computing is a technology that came to modernize the way you manage your business’s document management and data security. Enjoy and optimize.

If you are an IT manager or have a business, you must have heard about Cloud Computing.

After all, when it comes to technology in the corporate world, this type of service has helped many companies and managers to better manage their files and optimize time.

Therefore, those who know absolutely nothing about Cloud Computing end up looking for information to find out and, who knows, research how to implement it. Those who have already used it talk about the fruits they have been reaping.

But despite being a totally current and sought-after topic, cloud services still cause confusion among some professionals with regard to benefits, contracting, models and security.

That’s why we prepared this content, especially in order to clarify these points, so you can assimilate the subject more completely and define how the topic can collaborate for your business. Come on?

  • Remember what cloud computing is

  • Why should you take advantage of cloud computing in your business?

  • Enjoy the benefits of practicality

Remember what cloud computing is

Cloud storage is characterized by offering IT resources over the internet and delivering on-demand.

When opting for a cloud computing service, the customer pays only for the contracted and active resources in a certain period of time.

To better understand: cloud services are opposed to the traditional model of computing, in which companies needed to invest in hardware, operating systems and software to be able to run some type of application.

That is, in the traditional model, the IT department needed to be concerned with each item responsible for supporting an application: ordering the purchase, configuring, maintaining the entire infrastructure and licensing the software.

When using cloud computing, these concerns are eliminated, because the provider of cloud solutions will be responsible for taking care of the infrastructure, allowing IT to focus on the use and optimization of your company’s applications.

Why should you take advantage of cloud computing in your business?

As we saw above, cloud computing brought a new perspective to the technological reality of companies and several other elements of society.

It is now possible to store important files in the cloud, ensure periodic backup and still share with whomever you need .

And that’s just one of the advantages. See others below:

  • Mobility ;
  • Process optimization ;
  • Reduction in hardware investment: you pay when and how much to use the resource;
  • Flexibility: you can scale and determine what your demand is just a few minutes in advance;
  • Speed ​​and agility: You can access IT resources with just one click, reducing the time to make them available from weeks to minutes;
  • Reduced maintenance costs: With cloud computing, you can focus on your customers instead of worrying about keeping your IT infrastructure running properly.

Realize that the benefits include important aspects such as savings in investment, resources and time.

In other words, precious assets for running a business.

Enjoy the benefits of practicality

Well, cloud services are one more of the benefits brought by technology and its constant advancements.

But make no mistake, although it seems, it is not something completely simple.

Saving photos to the drive and sharing them with friends is one of the most common and usual possibilities that the cloud computing service has, but it is not the only one.

When analyzing from the business side, the alternatives and service plans are larger and more complex, so it requires the follow-up of a specialized professional.

As we have seen, the advantages are numerous, so analyze the matter carefully and carefully and if you still have any doubts of a more technical nature, do not hesitate to contact the specialist.