E-commerce trends 2022: more chances to increase your sales

In this very competitive scenario, it is essential to keep an eye on innovations to reap the best results in your online store. Discover the main bets in e-retail:

1 – Omni channel and personalized experiences

Offering an integrated experience to the consumer through the different sales channels is a market requirement. The main objective of Omni channel is to ensure a presence on the platforms used by customers, working a personalized journey, in a fluid way and thus having more assertiveness in sales, whether in the app, website or social networks.

2 – Super Apps

There is no growth in e-commerce without talking about mobile. After all, according to a study by Smart Insights, more than half of web traffic originates from mobile devices – and the forecast is that by 2025 these numbers will increase by 25%.

Taking into account that 90% of the online usage time on smartphones is spent on apps, a trend is for apps to centralize more and more functionality. The so-called super apps unite payments, purchases, games and entertainment in one place.

3 – More ways to pay

Boletos and credit cards are still popular, but new forms of payment are taking a growing share when it comes to online shopping.

Pix is ​​one of the examples of how these features are spreading quickly. In fact, according to data from Opinion Box, 74% of entrepreneur’s point to it as the main means of payment – ​​above cash (66%), credit card (60%) and debit card (60%).

Digital wallets, QR Code payments and cryptocurrencies are also options that should be on the radar of those who sell online. In addition, cashback appears as a tool to build loyalty, offer personalized promotions and, of course, sell more.

4 – Re-commerce

Whether as a matter of conscience, sustainability or economy, the fact is that the sale of used products has been gaining strength in recent years. Businesses in the industry are expected to grow five times faster than small businesses and 20 times faster compared to large companies, according to Core sight research data.

Among the main reasons to invest in this niche is the possibility of selling more with little investment, and also expanding the public, attracting buyers concerned about the environmental impact.

5- Multimedia formats and social networks

In line with the Omni channel strategy, the presence on social networks is increasingly decisive. In addition to communicating with audiences on different platforms, it is also important to invest in factors such as optimizing e-commerce for mobile devices, presence in apps, and using strategies such as social commerce.

6 – Agility in deliveries

It is not news that consumers are increasingly demanding and, when it comes to deliveries, this is no different. Therefore, companies such as Tcs are increasing their investments in so-called fulfillment. This allows you to have strategic points of storage, receipt and order preparation to make shipments more agile.

In addition, offering physical points where the customer can pick up is also a differential, attracting consumers who prefer not to pay for shipping or who need a product urgently.

7 – Live Commerce

From Asia to the world, during the pandemic, the lives carried out by online retailers gained prominence as a new form of commerce.

Basically, it consists of live broadcasts in which it is possible to combine sales and entertainment – ​​and viewers can buy the advertised products without even leaving the screen. In China, this business already generates US$170 billion a year. In our country large and small retailers have already bet on the format, so be sure to consider live commerce in your marketing strategy.


Prepare your business to attract more customers

How about preparing your company to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the main trends in e-commerce in 2022? By putting these tips into practice, your online business can achieve amazing results.

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