Here are 10 ways to get more customers for your business

Want to know how to take advantage of this promising scenario? See below how to attract more customers to your store!


Find out how to attract more customers

To take advantage of new online shoppers, internet businesses need to explore good attraction techniques. Below, we list 10 important tips for attracting customers.

  1. Pay attention to service

It’s no use spending on marketing actions and attracting thousands or millions of hits if your website doesn’t offer a satisfactory experience when it comes to customer service. Supporting the public directly influences reputation, loyalty, and attraction to new customers.

This is because satisfied customers help leverage your company’s success, whether it’s the word of mouth recommendations or good reviews of your store and products – in addition to buying repeatedly. Therefore, in order to attract more customers, take care that they already buy from you.

  1. Create personalized offers 

Another efficient way to attract more customers is to develop a segmented offers strategy. They serve as a lure to attract new customers and also act as an incentive to resolve purchase objections.

This can be done using a first purchase discount coupon, free shipping above a certain amount, or simply a freebie. The important thing is to understand which offer makes the most sense for each type of customer and structure campaigns that reach the right audience.

  1. Explore social networks strategically 

Companies need to be where the public is and certainly, social media is a good example of this. But it’s not enough to simply create an account and publish your products. You need to create good content to attract a relevant audience – and one that is interested in what your business has to offer.

A good strategy helps to build greater authority in the market, bring consumers closer, create differentiation, and, of course, sell more. For this, it is also worth knowing the most common mistakes made on social networks.

  1. Use SEO

SEO is a set of techniques that optimize a website to reach the first results in search engines such as Google. Applying these strategies to your e-commerce digital marketing allows your brand to gain visibility on the internet and increase organic traffic.

Some items that need to be considered at this stage are: good product descriptions, fast and mobile-responsive pages.

  1. Invest in email marketing

Email is still a very effective tool for stores. In addition to making customers who already buy come back to your website, it is possible to create a base of potential buyers to drive marketing actions and leverage your sales.

To capture contacts, there is no lack of strategies. For example, you can leave a form on your sales pages directing you to exclusive material, such as a discount coupon or e-book.

  1. Work on mental triggers 

A well-known technique for driving sales is mental triggers. They are resources that help your website texts, social networks, emails, and various other touch points become more persuasive and influence decision-making. That is, they can convince your customer to buy.

Among the most used in e-commerce is the scarcity and urgency trigger, which works to encourage faster purchases.

  1. Know how and when to use free shipping

Shipping is one of the most important factors in the purchase decision. Therefore, offering promotions with free delivery can be a strong attraction for new customers. The important thing, in this case, is to know how to use this offer intelligently, without compromising the profitability of your store.

  1. Bet on commemorative dates

Thematic campaigns related to seasonal dates also attract attention. Dates such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday and several other periods can be explored to increase your sales. For this, the ideal is to create a calendar with the main opportunities and use it to create marketing actions.

  1. Diversify sales channels

It’s not enough to just publish the products on the website and wait for sales to happen. The merchant needs to be on different platforms, in addition to the physical point, if any. The goal is to offer a more complete experience or, in other words, to develop here what is also known as omnichannel or multichannel.

Considering this, a tip is to be aware of the different possibilities of interaction, such as marketplaces, WhatsApp sales, and social networks. The important thing is that all this is interconnected, even allowing the consumer to go through several of these channels in a single purchase.

  1. Offer affordable payment methods

Another competitive advantage is having diversified payment options, serving the largest possible number of customers. After all, some may prefer the option of paying in installments on their credit card, others will opt for cash discounts or even solutions that go beyond the payment slip, such as digital wallets.

Here, for you to be strategic, it is important that you have a good payment partner that offers security without compromising your approval rates.

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