Increase your online store sales with Youtube

On Youtube, you have the freedom to produce content the way you want, such as videos with an informative or marketing bias, but you need to pay attention to copyright policies and the acceptable use of the social network. Otherwise, your video and channel may be deleted.

Ideally, before considering publishing a video, you plan and develop an action strategy to produce content that really attracts and engages your audience. 

With that, considering the frequency, content quality and sales funnel is essential, as you regularly create content focused on attracting, discovering, or converting the audience, improving your brand positioning as an authority, and maintaining a good engagement and view rate. 

In addition, optimizing videos for Google and Youtube is also an important factor, as this allows them to rank well in searches performed in both locations, helping to promote your business organically and increase sales in the virtual store. 

After considering these details, it is possible to start producing the content and they do not necessarily need to be 100% focused on your brand, as you can work with different topics that are relevant to your audience and that at the same time help attract new viewers to the videos, as well it is possible to create a lighter and more humanized communication. 

Other examples of interesting content to sell online are:


  • Product evaluation: make videos that show the opinion of some people who have already consumed your products and who had a good consumption experience;


  • Product Test or Tutorial: This type of video is ideal to help consumers who are uncertain about buying/using the product, as it is possible to demonstrate how it works, what its performance is, and even answer possible customer questions.


  • Product launch: making videos introducing a new product is a way to generate curiosity and interest in the consumer. In fact, this type of video doesn’t need to focus only on the product, but on its launch event, and people’s opinions, among others. 


  • Manufacturing process: many consumers are curious about the manufacture of the product they consume, which is why this type of video can help increase their engagement, in addition to humanizing the brand by sharing its processes. 


  • Advertising: advertising videos are also interesting to increase your sales in the online store, you can even combine this type of advertising with other marketing strategies, such as influencer marketing, enhancing your reach. 


With your content planning completed, you will also be able to promote your video on Youtube so that it is delivered to a greater amount of viewers and especially those who are likely to sympathize with your content. 

For this, it is necessary to invest an amount of money in ads and select the audience to whom you want to deliver the video based on information such as age, gender, location, and interest, among others. 


The advantages of using Youtube among your strategies

Because it is a dynamic social network that has space for all types of videos, Youtube can and should also be used among strategies to increase your sales in the virtual store, especially if we consider the advantages it offers your business. 

The videos of this network end up complementing other communications that your business usually publishes on the internet, and can facilitate the attraction of consumers, and develop a close and trusting relationship, in addition to increasing your exposure in the market. 

In addition, Youtube offers advantages such as:

  • Create your brand identity; 
  • Show your products;
  • Connect with your audience;
  • Create fun content; 


Don’t miss the chance to sell with the help of Youtube!

Investing in Youtube for sales is an opportunity for your business to get closer to your audience in a dynamic and humanized way, so focus on developing content that shares a compelling and relevant story about your brand and product.

Thus, you add value both to the relationship with the viewers and to your brand, which consequently can increase your sales in the virtual store and loyalty.

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