QR code: 5 ways to use it to sell in your physical store

Unlike a common bar code in which the process of reading the information is done only in the horizontal dimension, the QR Code is a resource that uses a two-dimensional (2D) graphic to work with different market information. That is, this reading can happen both in the horizontal plane, as well as in the vertical one, expanding its capacity.

The code has been circulating on the market since 1994 and although it is not new, it has become popular in recent years, gaining new forms of use, including as a means of payment.

It can be used in different actions of your physical store, starting with directing the consumer to a checkout area, promotions, offers or payments. To do this, just point your smartphone camera at the QR Code that can be printed or in a digital version. 


5 ways to use the QR Code in your physical store

Using the QR Code in physical stores is very practical and simple, as you have the possibility to work with it in its digital version or print it, positioning it in strategic places that encourage customers to check the information that your company has made available. . 

In fact, among this information, it is possible to work with marketing actions, logistical steps, share contact information, direct the customer to a payment area with different payment methods available, in addition to an anti-fraud system and other details that provide a shopping experience optimized for your consumer. 

We have separated some strategies that will help you use the QR Code to sell in your physical store more efficiently and with advantages for both your company and the consumer. Check out:


  1. Generate a QR code

The first step to using the code in your physical store is to generate it through an application such as, for example, Instagram and WhatsApp, which direct the consumer to your contact pages. 

Another way to generate the code is through your company’s account at financial institutions or financial platforms, simply by entering the specific billing area of ​​these applications and issuing the bill or developing a space for the consumer to carry out their transactions.


  1. Print the QR code

After generating the code, you can revolutionize your business strategies and collections by printing it on quality paper in different sizes, according to your preference. 

Ideally, the print should have a good quality and a reasonable size to be easily noticed by the consumer. In fact, some companies offer the QR Code kit containing stickers, signs and other items with a printed code for you to place in your store.


  1. Leave the code in a visible place

With the printed material in hand, it’s time to place it in a very strategic place in your store, preferably close to the cashier. It is also important that it is in a well-lit space, so that customers can read and scan it without problems.


  1. Highlight this payment method

Be sure to publicize the communication material about the QR code so that customers can enjoy this practicality. During the moment the customer is finalizing the purchase, talk about and offer this possibility to the customer.


  1. Keep the code in good condition

To provide a seamless payment experience, the QR code needs to be in good readability. If it is wrinkled, scratched or damaged, the consumer may have difficulty scanning it. So pay attention to the state of your printed material.


The advantages of offering the QR Code as a payment method

This technology is quite versatile and can be used in your physical store for different purposes, including payments, transfers, dissemination of offers, and promotions, among others. 

But it doesn’t stop there, the QR Code can offer many advantages to your business, such as:

  • More practicality and speed in the payment of purchases; 
  • Safety; 
  • Integration with virtual stores; 
  • Activation of discounts and promotional actions;
  • Availability of additional content; 
  • Increases access to the brand’s social networks.


Boost your physical store sales with the QR Code!

Offering the QR code as a means of payment at your point of sale is a strategic action to attract customers and retain them, facilitating the purchase and making the experience more pleasant. 

Be sure to invest in this method and improve your store’s payment experience.

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