The internet is advancing at unimaginable proportions and that doesn’t seem new to us, right?

It seems that since we were born this phenomenon has been gaining strength and more strength but did you know that, in reality, the evolution of the internet is a relatively recent fact?

Yes, in the USA, for example, the internet appeared in the 60s, while here in Brazil the network came to grace us only in the 80s.

This feeling that we have about the web being an ancient and global reality is actually due to the force with which it came and the impact it generated immediately.

But the reality is different: not everyone is connected to the internet, some are able to enjoy it more than others and the business scenario is certainly one of the spheres of society that has benefited most from the evolution of the web.

Before, for example, we only heard about Marketing activities, in recent years we have come across the growing number of Digital Marketing.

Have you ever stopped to think about how technological advances are strengthening and impacting this area and the strengthening of brands?

If you don’t know, it’s good to come with us to delve into the subject because today’s companies cannot stay out of Digital Marketing!

What is Digital Marketing?

Considering that according to estimates, by 2023 there will be 9.3 billion digital consumers, it’s clear that companies couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and plant their brand’s flag on the web, right?

This is precisely why Digital Marketing is the main way of doing and conceptualizing Marketing today.

The term is used to translate all marketing efforts into the digital environment.

Therefore, online channels are used such as blogs, websites, search engines, social media, and emails, among others.

Through these pages, companies advertise their products or services in order to meet the desires and pains of the market.


How does the evolution of the internet impact Digital Marketing?

The evolution of the internet has brought new aspects and possibilities to Digital Marketing itself.

This is because nowadays, with the interactive universe and full of information lived on the web, the consumer is no longer passive and has become highly critical, if only related to brands that demonstrate authority and credibility in the market.

For this, it is necessary to invest in content, that is, to win customers and generate trust through the value of relevant information.

One of the new strategies focuses on educating the market. Through techniques such as Inbound Marketing, already mentioned above, companies position themselves on the web by educating their consumers about the business niche.

The objective is to lead you to clarify your pain and reach your goals through the extensive knowledge offered.

We can say that, currently, this is the main impact generated by the evolution of online media in Digital Marketing: the production and offer of digital content that adds value to the consumer’s life.

Why shouldn’t your company stay out of the New Era?

Well, the goal of every business is to grow and solidify more and more, right?

Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the evolution of the market accompanied by the evolution of the internet.

That is, use the channels most accessed by your potential customers to reach them. In addition to being able to communicate with a significant number of people, you also optimize the value of your investments.

After all, investing in online media is much more advantageous than print or television channels, and the result is extremely rewarding.

Don’t miss the chance to see your brand reach the digital world!

Today we learn that the evolution of the internet has opened space for Digital Marketing and for some aspects of this area.

This is because this online space filled by a growing number of people encourages information and interaction between different users, that is, the relationship between company and consumer has also gained a new perspective and breadth.

That’s why we know some possibilities generated by the evolution of the digital environment within the new Marketing and, we also saw some advantages of being part of this new modern wave that only tends to collaborate with the strengthening of brands.

So, be sure to study your consumer, detect which channels make the most sense with their profile, the type of communication and content to be used, and take your business to the top of success!