Native ads, or native advertising, are ads whose main characteristics are to resemble content.

That is, not to look like they are an ad, but to have the same objective as one.

They can be done in a variety of ways such as internal links from your own site, or from partner sites.

This is an example of native ads, they blend in with the site’s content, targeting partners who paid for the space.

And despite being signaled that that article is sponsored, it has obeyed the same standards as the posts on the page.

So it blends in with the site’s original content and sounds like native content on this page .

But now that you know what native ads are, let’s see the advantages of practicing it in the next topic.

Why are native ads important for your business?

If your company already works with ads, you know how they can be relevant to increase your website traffic, and consequently your conversions.

But there is still a resistance from users when with ads. Also, since native’s main intention is to blend in with the content, the best way to do this is to create a relationship between the content and the ad.

So the ad becomes part of the content that the user is already consuming. You can also make native advertising an ally of Inbound Marketing.

Placing native advertising ads in education texts, i.e., top ones, can be a means of directing your reader to the next texts .

If you don’t know the concept of what Inbound Marketing is , you can see our full content to better understand what we’re talking about.

And for you to be able to apply what is native ads in your company, we are going to show you some strategies to develop native advertising.

Strategies for Native Ads

So you know what native ads are, but just like conventional ads, some details must be considered while developing native advertising.

Whether it’s an internal or external link, as is the case with paid advertising. So whether you are the host or the visitor, it is good to be aware of the following factors.


Regardless of the type of ad you choose, setting goals is essential. These numbers should be based on your pre-advertised numbers.

You should think about questions like “How much return do I have to get to make sure the investment is well done?”.

This type of question will guide you in the form of advertising you are looking for and if it really is the best time for your company to invest in native ads, for example.

Also, if you don’t have a good follow-up before, during and after the ad, it’s practically impossible to calculate the numbers of your paid or unpaid advertising.


So once you have a sense of what might be the best form of advertising for your company, it’s time to get down to business and develop your publicity release.

But creation depends on a multitude of factors, so first of all, define well who your audience is , what they talk about, what they will be doing on that page and what they can add to that subject they were reading.

So, whether you’re the site receiving paid advertising, or the site enjoying paid advertising, you need to know who you’re talking to.

Otherwise, if you are the website owner and don’t evaluate the type of content that will mix with yours, you can end up tarnishing your brand image.

In the case of being responsible for paid advertising on another site, you should pay even more attention, after all, that person is not exactly the person who already knows your site.

So you must create content that is really relevant to that page, audience and subject mainly.

So you define your offer and create it based on the data you defined as fundamental.


As we talked about in the goals, you need to outline your goals and analyze your results to know the real numbers that your campaign provides.

That’s why a good collection and analysis of this data is the basic to guarantee a good ROI (return on investment) and even help to define the next campaigns based on what gave good results and what didn’t.

Also, don’t forget to store this data for future evaluations that may be needed during meetings and future planning.

Native Ads, subtle and effective

Now you know what native ads is, and how it can help you improve ads on the internet, whether from your own website or from external partners in the form of paid advertising.

In addition, it can be a great ally of your page’s Inbound Marketing and thus help you increase your sales even more .

We also talk about some digital marketing strategies to ensure the effectiveness of creating your native ads.

To further improve your results, also see our content on social media marketing and make this vehicle one of your sales allies.