What is remarketing and how does it drive sales

See how the strategy can help attract and win more customers for your e-commerce.

Can you imagine being able to influence your store visitors, even after they leave your website? This can be done every time they show some interest but back out of the purchase. Today, one of the most effective tools on the market when it comes to sales recovery is remarketing.

Giving a practical example: it is very likely that you have already researched a product on the internet and, after a while, you began to receive a series of advertisements related to it on various websites or on social networks. It may seem like a lot of coincidence, but in fact, it’s simply remarketing doing its job.

Remarketing: what is it and how does it work?

Also known as retargeting, remarketing consists of promoting products or services specifically to people who have already had contact with the company and have shown interest. In practice, paid ads are displayed via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even email marketing campaigns.

The main objective of this type of advertising is to impact the customer again with that product viewed, encouraging them to return to the site and complete the purchase – often with special attractions. Generally, it is a very advantageous tactic mainly for reactivating customers, recovering abandoned carts, and improving the conversion rate.

How to do remarketing?

The first step is to identify who these people are who are interested in your products and services.  You can do this using:

1. Google Ads

In Google Ads, there are two ways to advertise: Display Network and Search Network. The Display Network is a group of partner sites of the platform, which provides advertising spaces for displaying ads in the form of banners. A positive point is that this Network allows the creation of visually attractive pieces, with different images and titles. We usually see this on news sites

On the Search Network, ads appear on Google search results pages (including Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Shopping). Instead of graphic pieces, the advertisements are in text format, with sponsored links. The advantage of this type of ad is that it appears only when the user searches for a specific keyword related to the subject. That is, there is a greater chance of conversion, as he is interested in the topic.

2. Facebook Ads

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram also offer the possibility of remarketing. Through them, you have the possibility to make ads in different targeted formats, such as videos, carousels, and single images.

3. Email marketing

Speaking specifically of remarketing, it is common to use email as a reminder for those who abandoned their cart in your online store. One of the strategies used as bait is to offer an exclusive discount coupon or free shipping to encourage the checkout.

It is worth remembering the campaigns that help to create and maintain a relationship with customers, in addition, there is the possibility of creating automation according to the interests and actions of your visitors.

Why invest in remarketing strategies?

There are several advantages to investing in remarketing in your e-commerce, including:

1. Segment a target audience


As the campaigns are based on the lists of your audience, it is possible to do different segments and impact the customer in a strategic way at the right time. You will be directing your efforts only to those who have actually demonstrated purchase intent.

2. Breaking down purchase objections

When it comes to cart abandonment, there is nothing better than taking advantage of remarketing campaigns to undo purchase objections and recover these customers, whether by offering exclusive conditions, bringing sales arguments, or highlighting the differentials of what you have offered.

3. Improve results


Every Digital Marketing strategy, including remarketing, can be measured. And everything that is measurable can be optimized. By analyzing indicators such as Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Return on Investment (ROI), you will be able to make adjustments and have increasingly satisfactory results.

Use the power of remarketing in your sales strategy

In the sales strategy of any e-commerce, remarketing is an essential resource that allows you to impact the ideal audience for your campaigns. It may seem complicated at first, but with testing and analysis, you can always improve your conversions and bring an amazing return to your business.

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