Jim Donnellan was a proud Donnellan, loving husband and father of four children. Jim researched his ancestry for the past two decades, and aggressively for eight years leading up to his passing in June, 2005. Most of his research has been through the internet and many trips to Ireland. His passion for genealogy is reflected in this web site that he created with his son, James F. Donnellan.

A few years ago, he discovered that Mr. Andrew Bourke Donnellan had also been researching the bloodline family - successfully tracing it back to James, Peter, Bridget and Ellen in Clonmellon, Westmeath, Ireland in the 1840s. Then--the proverbial stonewall.

Shortly after contacting Bourke on the internet, another family member was located. Kathleen Phelps, and mother Eileen, had also been researching the Donnellan bloodline for a number of years. Comparing notes and combining data resulted in a highly accurate and well documented pedigree extending back to the 1840s but---where do we go from here?

Jim decided to try a different approach. What about the history of the name itself ? This web site explores that history - back to 1500 and forward as far as we can carry it. It will contain all data uncovered to date - pedigrees, biographies, context in history, stories, etc. It is hoped that readers will make corrections and contribute data that may help solve the unsolveable puzzle. 

Jimís passion for the Donnellan legacy and his hard work in genealogy will live on for many years through this website. Thanks for stopping by... Slainte!


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