ITEM I - Clontuskert Augustinian Abbey:

--From the "HISTORY OF GALWAY", published by the Celtic Bookshop in 1999.
--"By the end of the 13th century, this was one of the richest monasteries in the
--diocese of Clonfert. The priory had become corrupt by the second half of the 14th
--century; its prior, Cabricus, was replaced by Thady O'Donnellan in 1390-----"


ITEM II - From "Catholic Encyclopedia, New Advent" (on the WEB):

--Irish Confessors and Martyrs (2) Under Queen Elizabeth 1582:
--Roger O'Donnellan, Cahill McGoran, Peter McQuillan, Patrick O'Kenna, James
--Pillan, priests, and Roger O'Hanlon (more correctly McHenlea, in Curry), lay
--brother, O.S.F. -- died, 13 February, Dublin Castle, but the date can scarcely be
--correct for all;


--There is a priest, alleged to be a son of Archbishop Nehemiah, who is named either
--Nicholas or Murtogh, who was a Lector in the Augustinean Convent in Vienna
--and Province of Austria. I have a reliable report that he was recommended to be
--made the Archbishop of Tuam in 1647 (Rinuccini's Letter - Brady's Episcopal
--Succession). This may, or may not be the Murtough mentioned as ITEM IV below,
--in the TCD records, or in the Bishop Maurice Donnellan biography. I am still
--attempting to gather data on these individuals


--There is a Bishop/Father Murtough Donelan (RC) who was the son of the Anglican
--Archbishop of Tuam - Nehemiah Donnellan - in the early to mid 1600s.


--There is a memorial called the "Bishop's Chair" constructed of Ballydonnellan
--stone. It honors both Bishop O'Donnellan and Bishop Teige Keogh -and is in
--Mullagh, Co. Galway. I suspect it is dedicated to Bishop Maurice Donnellan.
--Please note it is constructed of Ballydonnellan stone - connecting it
--circumstantially to the same extended family. I could not find this memorial on the
--trip to Ireland but did locate a picture of it on the web.


--From the CD, "Irish Memorials to the Dead", there is (or was) the following:
--inscription on a stone at the Abbey of Kilconnell:

--"Hic iacet. D. Iacob. Donelan. s:t:aci:Can: Doctor: Obit: 29. 8--Bris.1701.
--cuius.memoriam,Hoc. Monumentum.ER. Ectum.-Fuit. Ab. illusttrismo. do. Do
--Mauritio. Donelan.E.Clune.An.D/1705.Pro.Suo.Etiam.Monumento"
[Roughly Translated]
--Here lies D. Jacob Donelan s:t:aci: [I don't know what these --abbreviations are
--trying to say] Can: Doctor died August 29 1701 Bris[tol?], in whose memory this
--monument has been erected by the most illustrious [abbreviation for
--donando to mean donor???--would be a stretch] Maurice Donelan from Clune in
--the Year of our Lord 1705, also for his own monument.

--And still another stone read:

--2 anno 1706 obijt illustrissimus Dmominus Mauritius Donnellane Epus
--Clonfertensis, vir pius, Doctus, et prudens, seraphici instituti tertiarius professus
--in eundem---"
[Roughly Translated]
--2 in the year 1706 died the most illustrious Lord Maurice Donnellan, Bishop (?) of
--Clonfert, a pious man, educated and wise, a professed tertiary of the angelic way
--of life [ie, Franciscans?] into the same--[ breaks off here?]. See Maurice Donnellan


--From "A Hidden Church: the Diocese of Achonry 1689-1818" by Liam Swords.
--There were two Donnellan brothers - Peter and Andrew - who were Bishops in
--Clonfert in the mid to late 1700s. My genealogical data places them as the sons of
--William Donnellan of Killaghmore. Peter is said to be born in 1678 and died in
--1778. The book describes both brothers as being "ancient and enfeebled" as well
--as being octogenarians [ The Irish of this time are notorious for inaccuracies in
--spelling their names, if they could spell, and recording of dates ].
--The book describes Bishop Peter as ordaining priests, ministering to his flock and
--in general risking his life to perform his clerical duties during these trying times.


--From Maynooth College.
--The following are listed in Patrick J. Hamell's Maynooth students and ordinations, --1795-1895 (Maynooth, 1982 and in a second volume, for 1895-1984
--Donellan, Bartholomew. Diocese of Kildare. Matriculated 30.10.1816 No
----date of ordination
--Donellan, John. Diocese of Meath. No date of matriculation. Ordained
--Donnellan, Michael. Diocese of Dublin. Matriculated 1.9.1814 No date of
--Donnellan, Thomas. Diocese of Meath. Matriculated 5.9.1818
--Donnellan, Michael. Diocese of Meath. Matriculated 25.9.1820. Ordained
--Donnellan, John. Diocese of Elphin. Matriculated 28.8.1867. Died 1870-1.
--Donnellan, James. Diocese of Tuam. Matriculated 16.1.1871. No date of
--Donnellan, Bartholomew. D. of Elphin. Mat. 29.8.1872. Ord. 24.6.1878
--Donnellan, John. D. of Killaloe. Mat. 2.9.1874. Ord. 29.6.1880
--Donnellan, Patrick. D of Tuam. Mat. 5.9.1874. No date of ord.
--Donnellan, Michael. D. of Tuam. Mat. 8.9.1883. Ord. 24.6.1890
--Donnellan, Martin. D. of Tuam. Mat. 9.9.1886. Died 1889-90
--Donnellan, Michael. D. of Tuam. Mat. 1.9.1887. Ord. 24.6.1894
--Donnellan, Thomas. D of Meath. Mat. 29.8.1890. Ord. 21.6.1896
--Donnellan, Luke. D. of Armagh. Mat. 28.8.1896. Ord. 22.6.1902
--Donlon, James. D. of Ardagh. Ordained 1917.
--Donlon, James. D. of Elphin. Ord. 1930.
--Donnellan, Peter. D. of Elphin. Ord. 1905.
--Donnellan, John. D. of Elphin. Ord. 1914.
--Donnellan, Patrick. D. of Tuam. Ord. 1915.
--Donnellan, Patrick. D. of Tuam. Ord. 8.6.1980

--Unfortunately we have no further information on these students. Where there
--is no date of ordination, this means that they were either ordained outside the
--College (usually in their home parish) or left before ordination. To follow their
--careers, your best option is to consult the Irish Catholic Directory which began in
--1836 and is published annually. This will tell you what parishes they served in and
--when they died.
--The afore described entry was provided by Ms. Agnes Neligan, Archivist at
--Maynooth College.