(In the Line of Sir James by Anne Barry)


Gilbert of Streamstown was married to Anne ? and had an issue of 8 (5 sons/3 daughters by her). He recorded his will on 11 December 1725 and it was proved 29 June 1738. Notes from the will read:

“1738  Donnellan, Gilbert     Streamstown, Co. Westmeath, Esq. He leaves f 400 to his younger sons and f 500 to his only daughter Jane. His wife named Anne. Sons: I. Edmond II. James III. Nehemiah IV. William V. Gilbert and I. Jane. His properties Milltown, Ballymagiddon, Streamstown and leasehold in Co. Galway. His brother was James Donelan of Cloghan, Co. Roscommon.”


1. Edmund: Born about 1701 and died 1738 - same year as father Gilbert. He married Sarah, daughter of John Ormsby of Cloghan. She died in 1761 and notes from her will are recorded in several sections of these documents. Edmund’s source data:

LDS Record: Edmond DONNELLAN         Sex: M            Spouse: Sarah ORMSBY

Marriage: 2 Jun 1732            St Mary's, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Irish Records Extraction

Edmond Donnellan m. Sarah Ormsby in June 1732 at St. Mary, Dublin. Entries from Parishes of S. Marie, S. Luke, etc. (1627-1800)

Donnellan (Donnellan), Gilbert, S.C. (Eton Sch.), Oct 2, 1751, aged 18 [ b. abt. 1733 ]; eldest s. of Edmund, Streamstown, Co. Westmeath.

Will: From Ms. 467    1738    Donelan, Edmund       Co. Roscommon

Edmond Donelan-Streamstown, Co. Westmeath. 1736. Leaves f 4500 for younger children. His wife name Sara. Appoints Master Vesey-Mast in Chancery, William Bushe, Esq. & his wife guardians of his children. Mentions a daughter Frances and other children but not by name.

2. James of Tubertinan, Co. Meath - According to Ms 467 & the LDS Record James married Mary Reyner on 18 July 1759. LDS Record: James DONNELLAN Sex: M

Marriage(s): Spouse: Mary REYNER  Marriage: 18 Jul 1759, Rathmolyon, Co. Meath. The only issue found to date is a daughter Anne Augusta married to the Rev. Charles O’Beirne. “Irish Marriages”: BEING AN INDEX TO THE MARRIAGES IN WALKER'S HIBERNIAN MAGAZINE - 1771 to 1812, By Henry Farrar; London, England; 1890. Donnelan, Miss [ Anne Augusta , dau. of James Donellan of Tubbettinan, Co. Meath ]  = O'Berne, Rev. Chas. 1784 .

3. Nehemiah - no marriage or issue recorded.

4. William - Born 1713. Alumni Dublinenses: Donnellan, William, Pen. (Rev. James Ross, Mullingar), July 12, 1728, aged 16  [ b. abt, 1712 ]; s. of Gilbert, Generosous; b. Streamstown, Co. Westmeath. B. A. Aest. 1733. Occupation: Rector of Naas. Will: July 15, 1782; Codicil 20 May 1788, proven 30 June 1789; Died June 1789.

5. Gilbert

6. Hannah: LDS Record:

Husband's Name: William BUSHE (AFN:M9S4-3S)          Born:  Abt 1696

Place: Cork Abbey, Dublin, Ireland                          Died: Aft 4 1793 Jun

Buried: Bef 7 1796 Feb                                                         Married:  Abt 1726

Place:  Streamstown, Westmeath, Ireland

Father: Arthur BUSHE (AFN:M9S3-NL)                            Mother:  Mary FORTH

Wife's Name: Hannah DONELAN (AFN:M9S4-40)

Born: Abt 1700                                                           Place:  Streamstown, Westmeath


Worsop BUSHE (AFN:M9S4-55)     Born: Abt 1727

Place: Of, Cork Abbey, Dublin, Ireland.

Anne BUSHE (AFN:M9S4-8N)                    Born: Abt 1730

Place: Of, Cork Abbey, Dublin, Ireland.

7. Anne married William Gamble.

8. Jane married Judge Rochfort.



The only male offspring recorded through this generation are the descendants of Edmund. Although the will of Edmund mentions only a daughter Frances, the will of Sarah fills in the blanks as follows:


DONNELLAN, SARAH otherwise Ormsby, Dublin, widow.   19 January 1761. Full 2pp. 27 February 1761. My eldest son Gilbert Donnellan, Esq.  My only daughter Frances Donnellan, extx. My youngest son John Ormsby Donnellan, his father Edmond Donnellan, Esq., deceased, his grandmother Sarah Ormsby.  Rev. William Donnellan. Capt. James Donnellan.  Myles Rielly. My dwelling house in Sackville Street, Dublin. Lands of Ballinamona   and all my lands in Co. Limerick. Streamstown, Kingstown otherwise  Ballinrink, Knockanroe and Ranahinch and other lands in Co. Westmeath.     Witnesses: John Whiteway, Wm. Bury, Mark Synott. Mem. witnessed by: Mark Whyte, Dublin, Esq., John Whiteway.

Frances Donnellan (seal).



This next generation of the descendants of Sir James by Anne Barry is fairly well documented. The children of Edmond & Sarah Ormsby were:

1. John Ormsby Donellan

2. Frances

1. LDS Record:

Frances DONNELLAN   Sex: F

Marriage(s): Spouse: Richard FRENCH

Marriage: 30 May 1775

Drumcondra, Meath, Ireland




1771 to 1812

By Henry Farrar; London, England; 1890

Donnelan, Miss [ Frances, she d. 1804 ] = French, Rbt 1775. [ Robert was of Innfield, Co. Roscommon; She was of Henry Street, Dublin ].*


3.  A Genealogy and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland Vol IV

French, of French Park

Arthur French, esq. of French Park, who was elected knight of the shire for Roscommon, in 1722. He m. (license dated 6th February, 1722) Jane, daughter of John Percival,esq. of Knoghtsbrook, in the County of Meath, and by that lady, who died in 1775, had issue, John, his heir and Robert, a major in the Army, m. in 1775, Frances Donnellan. He was drowned with his brother John.

3. Gilbert of Cloghan was the eldest son born about 1733 and was never married. Following is the response received from the Archivist at Eton College in England. It allows some solid connections with data already obtained.

"Gilbert - son of Edmund, Streamstown. He was born about 1733, attended Eton (1748-1751), and entered TCD in October, 1751.

From the Alumni Dublinenses:

“Donnellan (Donnellan), Gilbert, S.C. (Eton Sch.), Oct 2, 1751, aged 18 [ b. abt. 1733 ]; eldest s. of Edmund, Streamstown, Co. Westmeath.”

From the Wills Index, it appears he died about 1778. He also shows up in Cloghan in 1759."

A handwritten copy of the Will of Gilbert was obtained from Eneclann in Dublin. It is 10 pages and a typed copy is available for anyone interested. His name was spelled DONNELLAN and he was living in Halfmoon Street, Parish of St. George, Hanover Sq., Co. of Middlesex, England at the time the Will was written. It contains many revealing facts about the Donnellan family of that time (1768) including:

1. He was from Cloghan, Co. Roscommon and requests burial there near his father (Edmund).  He directs his trustees to spend f 100 to erect a monument and repair the church in Tassara (Tisrara) according to the directives of his Uncle William Donnellan ( Rector of Naas). NOTE: The Donnellan history in Tisrara is covered in another section.

2. He has no descendants, nor does his brother John Ormsby Donnellan or his sister Frances Donnellan. Although Frances is taken care of, he is much concerned over the continuance of the Donnellan lineage   at least in his bloodline from the Archbishop to Sir James to---, etc.

3. As alternative heirs, he names his Uncles--Rev. William, James, and Nehemiah on condition that the heir is legal (legitimate)and male.  If the Uncles do not meet these conditions, the Estate goes to his cousin, Wm Rochford, son of his Uncle Judge Rochford [ His Aunt Jane married Judge Rochford] under condition that the heir is legitimate, male and ASSUMES the Donnellan surname.  There is much more interesting material and the actual will can be read by clicking on FULL TEXT.


It would appear that there were no legitimate heirs that came forth meeting the conditions stated in Gilbert’s will. We find instead several references to William Rochford Donnellan who appears to have adopted the Donnellan surname as a condition of the will.


1830 Somerset Pigot's Directory - index of people

DONNELLAN William Rochford, 678


Donnellan, William Rochfort D545 Type: Will; Status: Copy; Date: 9 January 1834; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference: LEC/3172; DID: 19166.


Donnellan, William Rochfort D545 Bathwick, Somerset, England; Type Will & Grant; Status: Transcript; Year: 1834; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference: Prerogative Will Book/F/396a; DID: 19167.


Hence the Donnellan lineage from here is passed through the mother’s side--Jane Rochford and the legitimate male lineage of Sir James and Anne Barry comes to a closure creating a new mystery. Did the descendants of William Rochfort continue to use the combined name or did they revert to Rochfort or continue as Donnellan ?