In a Donnellan Context


The Rare Auld Times :

Milesian Genealogies

The Annals

Donnellan in Hy-Many (Ui Maine)

History of Galway Donnellans

Archbishop Nehemiah of Tuam (Biography)

What About Nehemiah

         John - Nehemiah's Eldest (Biography)

         Edmund - 2nd Son

         Sir James - 3rd Son

Donnellan's in Tisrara, Roscommon

                  Edmund of Cloghan

                  Gilbert of Streamstown

        The Baron (Biography)

             Anne Donnellan (Daughter of the Baron) & Donnellan Lectures

        William, Teige & Murtaugh

        Donnellan's & Transplantation

        Donnellans & the Williamite War

Maurice Donnellan

Roman Catholic Donnellans

Penal Laws

The Potato

Irish DV Convicts

John Donellan - Poisoner ?


Closing the Gap