Thus far in Donnellan research I have discovered 5 different Donnellan pedigrees. They appear to be building blocks, one on the other, culminating in the document referred to as Ms. 467.

Pedigree # 1 - from the notes in the "Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many" by O'Donavan. Although it centers on the descendents of John, eldest son of the Archbishop, it is very accurate and a good starting point.

Pedigree # 2 - is Fiona Hyland's. Published on the net, it traces two lines of the Donnellan/Variant lineage. It sketches the O'Domhnallain family from about 1500 to 1600, states that records are then lost, and attempts to infer, without proof, that the Donlan family of Ballyhealy are descended from Nehemiah's second son Edmund. Possible, but who knows with 200 years of history/genealogy missing.

Pedigree # 3 - which I received from the National Library in Ireland and mysterious it is. In the aerly days of my search, I e-mailed the NLI asking for information on the Donnellan pedigree. I received, by snail mail, three handwritten pages of notes. There was no identification as to the sender and no fee. To read the notes, they had to be tripled in size and then still were hard to decipher. To date, They have been 100% accurate and are about 95% figured out.

Pedigree # 4 - was found in the Estate Papers of Dermot O'Conor Donelan at the Hardiman Library in Galway. It is/was obviously a work-in-process but contained an enormous amount of documentation. Since Dermot did most of his research betweeb 1885 and 1910, his notes contain much data that was probably destroyed in the Four Courts fire in 1922. Dermot's goal was to have the family recorded in Burke's Peerage and "he has left us a rich vein of material, both in correspondence and also in copies of material from the Public Record Office of Ireland that have since been lost" ( Quoted from Doc. LE 10, Papers relating to the O'Connor Donelan Family of Sylane, Tuam, County Galway ).

Pedigree #5 - Ms 467 was discovered at the Genealogical Office of the NLI, Dublin. It was on microfilm and is roughly the same size as the one from the Hardiman Library. It's source is unknown to me but I suspect it may have been one of the final, if not the final, culmination of Dermot's efforts.

 It is my intention to combine all of the aforementioned pedigrees with my verifiable findings to date and publish a new version. The audit trail on this will be the documentation published elsewhere on this website. Following is the MENU for the new and updated Pedigree:

(From Melaghlin-Archbishop Nehemiah -Six Sons)

 Descendants of John Donnellan