--This newly designed section on Wills has placed them in date order. The DVs are
--Donelan, Donnellan, Donnellon, Donelen, Donellan, Donelane and Donnelan. It is
--pretty obvious from a study of the Wills themselves that these are all of the same
--extended family. Where there are [], I have added my own comments. Any
--discrepancy in dates is between the date the Will was written, the date of death
--and the date the Will was proven. We now have between 35-40 of the Wills under

--1.--1656--Donelan, Francis----Portunma,-Co.-Galway-yeoman

--2.--1686--Donelan,-John---Loughshinny,- Dublin,-Gent.
--- Wife Margaret. Leaves all to children not named.

--3.--1705--Donnellan,-Nehemiah, Chief-Baron-of Exchequer
--2.1.1 The will of Baron Nehemiah Donelan
--LE10/3 c1700 Later nineteenth century copy of the will of Col. Nehemiah Donelan,
--copied by Dermot O'Connor Donelan in the Four Courts. He grants a life interest
--in the lands of Nenagh, County Tipperary, leased by Mr Beardman, to his wife
--Martha Donelan, as well as lands in Laeka held from the Duke of Ormonde, and
--their dwelling house in William St., Dublin, as well as the house on the corner of
--Castle Street and Fishamble St. held by his nephew Dean Reader. He states that
--the lands of Johnstown, Ross Ballina, Ballinrin, Knocknavilla and the rectory of
--Tullerghanague are to be demised to his eldest son James, as well as the three
--houses in Skinner's Row known as the Pestle and Mortar, held by Mr. Richard
--Wilkenson. It also refers to other properties in counties Dublin and Meath, as well
--as codicils dates 1704-5.
--Copied from the Four Courts circa 1890.
--I do bequeath to my wife Martha Donelan the Manor House and lands of Nenagh
--in the Co. Tipperary now let to Mr. Beardmann at about f 300 a year over and
--above rent payable to the Duke of Ormond also Manor House and lands of Lacka,
--etc. in said Co. held by Mr. Moore at about the above rent also payable to the
--Duke of Ormond. Together with any house where I now dwell in William Street
--Dublin and the corner house in Castle Street and Fishamble Street held from me
--by my nephew Dean Reader (or ??) altogether f 500 a year. As long as she shall
--continue to be a widow and bear my name and no longer and this devise to be for
--her in lieu of all ??? or jointure settled on her by articles settled with her father
--Mr. Ussher and I also bequeath to her in trust all my properties for five years. All
--my properties to pay my debts and also my son Johns debts except the lands of
--Johnstown, Ross Ballina, Ballinrin, Knocknavilla and the Rectory of
--Tullaghanague all in the County Meath which are to go to my eldest son James
--Donelan as the Estate of his mother descended to him besides the rent charges
--from the City of Dublin bequeathed to him by his Grandfather. And from the
--expiration of the said five years I do for reasons too well known only bequeath to
--my said eldest son James Donelan for his life the three houses and back houses in
--Skinner's Row now called the Pestle and Mortar, held by Mr. Richard Wilkinson
--and also next house and garden held by Mr. Browne also (several houses held by
--different people. Doc.D.) and the Rectory in Intahoe(?) in Queens County held by
--Mr. Dugan to go to my wife and at the decease of my son James if his sons are
--Protestants and not otherwise. To his eldest son and other sons etc and in default
--of such sons to my son Nehemiah Donelan my first son by my said now wife, and in
--default of his issue to my second son Christopher. The etc. to my third son.
--And after said lease of five years. I devise unto my said son Nehemiah Donelan (all
--the names of houses already mentioned ??) also lands at Dolphin's Barn and
--houses in Kilmainham houses in Lambally near Newgate, houses in College Green
--and Anglsey Street. Houses in Crow Lane in ??man town and the debt therefrom
--of f 200 etc.. And the small parcels of land I have in Connaught. I bequeath to my
--son Nehemiah & so on. To my youngest son Christopher ( and in failure of all ?)
--and then to James and after the death of James if his sons are Protestants. I give
--unto my daughter Martha Donelan f 1500. Daughter Anne f 1200. Son
--Christopher f 1000 and to the child my dear wife now goes with f 1000.

--[ I have a handwritten certified copy of a codicil to the above Will that was sworn
--in July 1908. It is listed as Document T13145 and was obtained from the National
--Archives in Dublin.

--4.-- 1709--Donelen,-James--Garryduff,-Clonfert, Co.-Galway

--5.-- 1718--Donnellan,-James--Dublin,-Esq.
---James Donelan of Johnstown, d) Dublin 1718. His sons were I. John II.
---Nehemiah III. Patrick and one daughter, Mary. His wife Teresa, daughter of
---Fredrick Allen. Leaves all real estate to John and entails it on others. He appoints
---guardians for his children 1st his wife Teresa Donelan, 2nd her brother ? Allen, 3rd
---his cousin John Stani? Of Galway---the witnesses to this Will were Thomas
---Clements, Stephen Browne, James McDaniel.

6.-- 1724--Donelen,-Nicholas---Rahally,-Co.-Galway
---Nicholas Donelan of Rahally, Co. Galway 1718. Desires to be buried at
---Kilconnell Abbey. He was twice married. 1st to Elizabeth daughter of Robert
---French of Aggard, 2nd to Rebecca, daughter of ? Taylor of Castle Taylor. He had
---four sons and one daughter by first marriage John and Malachy and Mary m. to
---Thomas Kirwan, who had only one child Elizabeth Kirwan. By second marriage
---he had Nicholas and Nehemiah. He mentions a cousin Joseph Furlong and
---brother-in-law John French of Aggard. He names as his executors his nephew
---Loughlin Donelan of Ballydonelan and brother-in-law Walter Taylor of Castle

--7.-- 1729--Donelan,-M?laghlin---Ballydonnellan--Galway,-Esq.

--8.-- 1732--Donelan,-Bridget----Killmacragh

--9.--1733--Donnellan,-James---Lattoon,-Co. Galway,-Gent.
---James Donelan of Latoon, Co. Galway-1733. Buried at Kilconnell. Brothers
---Simon & John. He speaks frequently in lengthy Will of Ballydonelan, Killagh and
---Balleighter. To John Donelan of last mentioned place [Balleighter] he leaves his
---grey horse and f 20. Executors: John Donelan, Ballydonelan; Robert French of
---Derry, Co. Galway and Arthur French, Colemanstown of Lisnacody.

---John Donelan of Rahally- evidently eldest son of previous owner. Orders that
---he be buried at Kilconnell but if that be not convenient then at Kilthomas & that
---a chapel be erected there. His wife was Christina Foster and family I. Nicholas II.
---Francis III James and daughters I ?? II. Mary III. Bridget.

---Anne Donelan, Widow, Dublin 1735. She was married to a Donelan not
---named but was Aunt thus to Edmond Donelan of Streamstown whom she
---especially cuts out of her Will. Her name was Wentworth. She mentions a brother
---Peter. Her executors J. Wallace & Charles Willoughby.

12.-- 1736--Donellan,-Joseph---Kilcaroone,-Co. Galway

13.-- 1738--Donnellan,-Gilbert----Streamstown,-Co. Westmeath,-Esq.
---Gilbert Donelan, Streamstown 1738. He leaves f 400 to his younger sons and
---f 500 to his only daughter Jane. His wife named Anne. Sons: I. Edmond II. James
---III. Nehemiah IV. William V. Gilbert and I. Jane. His properties Milltown,
---Ballymagiddon, Streamstown and leasehold in Co. Galway. His brother was
---James Donelan of Cloghan, Co. Roscommon.

14.-- 1738--Donelan,-Edmund--Co. Roscommon--See-TCD-Alumni
---Edmond Donelan-Streamstown, Co. Westmeath. 1736. Leaves f 4500 for
---younger children. His wife name Sara. Appoints Master Vesey-Mast in Chancery,
---William Bushe, Esq. & his wife guardians of his children. Mentions a daughter
---Frances and other children but not by name.

15.--I found this Will under the spelling DONELANE but it is clearly in the
--lineage under research. The Will is that of WILLIAM DONELANE and he
--died between 1740 43. It mentions Anne, eldest daughter; Nelly; Nicholas,
--2ndson; Molly; Peter; Helen; Edmond; and Catherine. No name for wife or
--eldest son. Property = Cloghrosty, Lorrage [Larraga], Cappacuna, Co.

16.-- 1744--Donelan,-John---Ballydonnellan, Galway,-Esq.

17.-- 1744--Donelan,-Susanna--Dublin,-Spinster
---Susanna Donelan-Spinster of Dublin. Brother Nehemiah whose debts she wants
---to pay. Has a farm in Roscommon:-Lisnagabra. Her administrators: ?? Gunning
---andJames Daly. Has nephew Nehemiah and nephew Staunton. 1744.

18.-- 1746--Donelan,-Charles-the-Elder---Lisenacody,-Co. Galway,-Gent.
---Charles Donelan (the Elder) of Lisnacody. 1746. Buried at the Eyrecourt
---Church. He proceeds to cut off his sons Joseph and William with f 1 each and
---treats in the same manner his daughter Hannah (nee Seymour). His wife was a
---daughter of Captain Shubridge. Will proved by his son Charles and son-in-law
---Atkinson Doolan 1746.

--19. Donnellan, Catherine D545 Occupation Spinster; County: Dublin; Parish
--St. Mary's; Documeny Marriage Licence Grant; Status: Transcript; Year:
--1749; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference: Prerogative Grant
--Book/F/57a; Notes: Marriage to Lewis Ormsby; DID: 19175.

--20.--Donnellan, Mary D545 Status: Widow; Co. Galway, Ballydonnellan;
--Type: Administration; Status: Transcript; Year: 1749; Granted: Prerogative
--Court; NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/27a; Notes: Dated 1748/9;
--DID 19177.
---Mary Donelan of Dublin, Widow 1750. Three daughters Anne, Hellen and
---Catherine and a son John. She cuts off Catherine who is married to one Burke &
---leaves to John Loftis of Loughrea f 94 to look after the children of this Mrs.

--5. Donnellan, Christopher D545 Occupation: Doctor of Divinity; Type: Will
--Probate; Status: Transcript; Year: 1751;Granted: Prerogative Court;
--NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/209b; DID: 19174.
-----By his Will, dated 7th July, 1750, and proved at Dublin,Nov., 1751, he gave f 600
-----to the Charter School Society to erect a school at Inniscarra; to trustees ( the
-----Bishop, Dean, Archdeacon of Cloyne ), f 280 14s 6d., the interest to go to some
-----widow of the diocese, having children.. This fund is the basis of the present
-----Widow's Fund of Cloyne. He gave to the hospital of Incurables f 200; to Mercer
-----Hospital, f 200; to Swift's Hospital, f 200. He also left ??? with which the steeple
-----of the Inniscarra Church was built ???? bell put up in 1756.1750/1. March 15.
-----Marmaduke Phillips, D. D., P. Inniscarra.per mortem Donellan
-----Donnellan, Christopher D545 Occupation: Reverend; Type: Double
-----Probate; Document Status: Transcript; Year: 1751; Granted: Prerogative
-----Court; NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/228a; DID: 19165.

23.-- 1753--Donnellan,-Hannah---Dublin,-Widow
---Hannah Donelan of Dublin, Widow 1753. She was widow of John Donelan of
---Johnstown, Co. Meath. She leaves her property between her sons James and
---Ralph, sole executor James.

24.-- 1755--Donnellan,-William---Carrowcriven, Galway,-Gent.
---William Donelan of Carrowcriven Co. Galway 1755. Buried in Abbey of
---Glenaletrim(?). He had issue I. John II. Nicholas III. Peter IV. Edmond I. Anne
---II. Catherine III. Nelly IV. Molly V. Hellen. He had mortgages on his cousin
---David Power of Coorheen. His executors were R. French of Streamstown & D.
---Power. Witnesses: Bryan Kilkelly, Peter Kilkelly and Redmond Burke.

25.-- 1759--Donnellan,-Malachy---Ballydonnellan, Co.-Galway.

27.-- 1761--Donelan,-John---Balleighter,-Co. Galway,-Gent
---John Donelan of Balleighter-buried in Kilconnell Abbey. Names his executors-
---Malachy Donelan of Ballydonelan; Anthony Donelan of Calla; Timothy Donelan
---of Cartron. His family were: I. William II. Anthony I. Dorothy II. Ellis III. Sabina

28.-- 1761--Donellan,-Sarah-Ormsby--Dublin-,Widow---Have-abstract-of Will
---Sara Donelan of Sackville St., Dublin. Widow. 1761. She was evidently wife of
---Edmond Donelan who only mentions his daughter Frances. She speaks
---of property in Co. Limerick & Westmeath. She speaks of eldest son Gilbert and
---youngest son John Ormsby Donelan. Her name was Ormsby. She also makes
---mention of Rev. Wm. Donelan and Capt. James Donelan. As Gilbert Donelan in
---his Will mentions the fact of his brother being James of Cloghan, we have sons I.
---Gilbert II. James III. John O.
---DONNELLAN, SARAH otherwise Ormsby, Dublin, widow. 19 January
--1761. Full 2pp. 27 February 1761.
-----My eldest son Gilbert Donnellan, Esq. My only daughter Frances Donnellan,
-----extx. My youngest son John Ormsby Donnellan, his father Edmond
-----Donnellan, Esq., deceased, his grandmother Sarah Ormsby. Rev. William
-----Donnellan. Capt. James Donnellan. Myles Rielly. My dwelling house in
-----Sackville Street, Dublin. Lands of Ballinamona and all my lands in Co.
-----Limerick. Streamstown, Kingstown otherwise Ballinrink, Knockanroe and
-----Ranahinch and other lands in Co. Westmeath. Witnesses: John Whiteway,
-----Wm. Bury, Mark Synott. Mem. witnessed by: Mark Whyte, Dublin, Esq.,
-----John Whiteway.
-------------------------------Frances Donnellan (seal)

---Anne Donelan of George St., Hanover Sq., London. Brothers Christopher,
---Nehemiah, James. Col. Nehemiah, son of James. Also mentions Captain John
---Donelan "just returned from the Indies". A niece Catherine Ormsby. She
---founds the Donelan Lectureship. Daughter of the Chief Baron, Anne. She states
---that her brother Christopher having died without perfecting his Will, her brother
---Nehemiah took possession as heir-at-law including a lease of Brunn?town Co.
---Kildare. She orders for purposes of various legacies-the sale of her house which
---she built in Charles St., Berkeley Sq., London. She leaves legacies besides those
---mentioned above to her cousin Hamilton, cousin Van??, Ussher of Mount Ussher
---and to W. Marley a house and brew house on Aston's Quay, Dublin-then leased at
---f 50 a year toW. Sweetman, brewer.Her mother re-married and was Mrs.
---Percival. The sum of money which she becomes entitled to as heir of Capt.
---Thomas Whorwood and Mrs Celia Scott she wishes ?? to the promotion of
---"religion learning and good manners" by Rev. Samuel Madden, Provost of TCD
---& the then senior fellow. Her executors were Anthony Marley and Edward
---She makes mention of grand niece in codicil as Miss Donelan, 1758. Also her dear
---friend Hon. Mrs. Sarah Southwell. She leaves her music to her cousin and god son
---Lord Mornington. She also leaves some money to her dear nephew Nehemiah
---Nixon Donelan & cousin Lieut. Ussher of the 'Prince' Man-o-War. She leaves
---Handel's picture in enamel to Brit. Museum.
---Col. Nehemiah Donelan having become (1761) insane she leaves the legacy
---intended for him to Captain John Donelan lately returned from the Indies.

30.-- 1767--Donnellan,-William---Sackville-La.,--Dublin, Ale-Seller

31.-- 1771--Donnellan,-Nehemiah---Caheroin,-Co. Galway
---Nehemian Donelan, of Cahiroran, Athenry, Co. Galway Will 1770 proved 1771.
---He left four sons and one daughter. I. Nicholas II. Robert III. Thomas IV. John I.
---Rebecca. His wife was Marcia Shaw. He directs that his properties of Cahiratiege,
---Cahiroran, Ballydavid, Garranamraher and ??-?? Co. Galway be all sold for
---purpose of paying his debts and of paying off his younger children. To his eldest
---son Nicholas he leaves his properties of Tubberpadder, Gortnask?? And entails
---them. To his wife, in addition to her jointure, he leaves "all his plate" for her life
---to revert to Nicholas at her death. He also leaves her horses and a carriage. The
---pictures he leaves between his children. Hence the one in oils of himself now at
---Sylan?. He names as his executors Robert French of Monivea Castle and Rev.
---Jeremiah Marsh-also his wife. The witnesses to the Will and one codicil are
---Stephen Donelan, Charles Donelan and David Whyte.
---Donelan, Nehemiah D545 Status: Esquire, Co. Galway, Caheroin; Type:
--Will & Grant; Status: Copy; Year of Grant: 1771; Granted: Prerogative
--Court; NA Reference: T/19485; Notes: Also coded IEC/1210; DID: 19111.
-----Quite a bit of genealogical data in this one !
-----Names Mercy Donelan Alias Shaw as Wife, Nicholas as eldest son, Robert
-----as 2nd Thomas) 3rd and John youngest. Daughters Alice m. to Patrick
-----Burke and Rebecca m. to Thomas Kirwan.
-----Codicil witnessed by: Stephen Donelan, Kelagh, Co. Galway; Charles
-----Donelan, Blackgarden, Co. Galway.
-----Property: Toberpaddy, Licknebegg. Gortmaskehy, etc.
-----[NOTE: Kelagh is probably Killagh.]

--32--DONNELLON, ANNE, then of Athenry, Co. Galway, spinster, daughter
--of John Donnellon, of Ballydonnellon, said Co., Esq. 4 March 1748. Narrate
--3/4 p. 26 November 1772. To be buried in Abbey of Kilconnell. Reciting that
--testatrix was entitled by Will of her father, said John Donnellon, deceased, to
--sum of which sum was to be paid by his son and heir Malacky Donnellon,
--brother to executrix. . Her brother Anthony Donnellon, Her brother Edmd.
--Donnellon. Her brother Charles Donnellon. Her eldest brother said Malacky
--Donnellon. Her foster father Dens. Connor. Widow Anne Donnellon of
--Loughrea. Her sister Mary Donnellon. Edmd. Donnellon (seal)

33.-- 1772--Donnellan,-Nehemiah---Artane,-Co. Galway
---Nehemiah Donelan of Artane-mentions Rich. Lambert. He had only son
---Nehemiah. Grandson David Nixon Donelan. Cut off by his father. He speaks of
---relation Thomas Staunton.

34.--1773--Donnellan,-John----Ballydonnellan, Co.-Galway,-Esq.

35.--1775--Donnellan,-James---Lisheen-(Killaloe &-Kilfenora-Wills)

36.--1777--Donnellan,-Thomas--Athenry,-Co. Galway
---Thomas Donelan-Athenry & Rahally. Buried at Kilthomas. Wife Agnes
--Daughter, Catherine. Other children not named. Executors John Blake of
--Windfield, John Bodkin of Castletown. 1777.
--16. Donelan, Thomas D54 Co. Galway, Athunry, formerly of Rahaly; Type:
--Will & Grant; Status Transcript; Year: 1777; Granted: Prerogative Court;
--NA Reference: Prerogative Will Book/F/89a; DID: 19112.

37.-- 1778--Donnellan,-Gilbert----Cloghan,-Co. Roscommon
--Donnellan, Gilbert D545 Co Roscommon; Cloghan; Type: Will;
--Status: Copy; Date: 8 December 1778; Granted: Prerogative Court;
--NA Reference: LEC/3172; DID: 19172
-----I received a copy of the handwritten Will of Gilbert from Eneclann in Dublin.
-----It is 10 pages and I have made a typed copy on the computer for anyone
-----interested in it. He spelled his name DONNELLAN and was living in Halfmoon
-----Street, Parish of St. George, Hanover Sq., Co. of Middlesex, England at the
-----time the Will was written. It contains many revealing facts about the Donnellan
-----family of that time ( 1768). They are:
-----1. He was from Cloghan, Co. Roscommon and requests burial there near his
-----father. He also directs his trustees to spend f 100 to erect a monument and
-----repair the church in Tassara (Tisrara) according to the directives of his Uncle
-----William Donnellan ( Rector of Naas). NOTE: The Donnellan history in
-----Tisrara will be covered in another section.
-----2. He has no descendants, nor does his brother John Ormsby Donnellan or
-----his sister Frances Donnellan. Although Frances is taken care of, he is much
-----concerned over the continuance of the Donnellan lineage at least in his
-----bloodline from the Archbishop to Sir James to Baron Nehemiah, etc.
-----3. As alternative heirs, he names his Uncles Rev. William, James, Nehemiah
-----on condition that the heir is legal (ligitimate)and male. If the Uncles do not
-----meet these conditions, the Estate goes to his cousin, Wm Rochford, son of his
-----Uncle Judge Rochford under condition that the heir is ligitimate, male and
-----ASSUMES the Donnellan surname. There is much more interesting material
-----but please request a copy to learn more.

38.-- 1778--Donnellan,-Mary----Dublin,Spinster-

39.-----1779----Donnellan,-Anne---------Aran-Quay,-Co. Dublin

40.--1782--Donelan,-Anthony----Nutgrove,-Co. Galway,-Esq
---Anthony Donelan of Nutgrove, Co. Galway. He states that he "is possessed of
---considerable property, bonds, cash, plate, horses, carriage, de"(?). Date 1781. He
---left issue I. John II. Malachy III. Edmond IV. James whom he expressly cuts out.
---V. Anthony VI. Tully I. Mabel who married a Mr. Dolphin and whom he cuts out
---II. Frances. His wifes name was Clare.

41.--Donnellan, Arthur D545 Occupation: Merchant; County Dublin;
--Document: Marriage Licence Grant Copy; Year: 1783; Granted: Prerogative
--Court; NA Reference:T/574/9b/1932; Notes Marriage to Mary Drury; DID:

42.--1784--Donnelan,-Nehemiah Nixon--Artane,-Co. Dublin,-Esq.


44.--1790--Donnelan,-Tomothy---Cartronsheehy, Co.-Kildare

45.--1790--Donelan,-Mary---Toormore,-Co. Galway


47.--1792--Donelan,-John---Toormore,-Co. Galway

48.--1793--Donnellan,-Arthur---Werburgh-St., Dublin,-Linen Draper

49.--1798--Donnelan,-John---Milltown,-Dublin, Farmer


50.--1801--Donnelan,-Patrick---Island-of Jamaica,-Planter

51.--1801--Donnelan,-Catherine Nixon-----Artane,-Co. Dublin
---Catherine Nixon Donelan, Artane 1801. Will with codicils. Leaves her Estate
---Scogginstown in Louth to her servant Thos. Forbes & various large sums to other
---servants. 5 large family pictures she leaves to Colonel Wm. Brady but in codicil 2
---she states that he being dead, she leaves a sum of money with the pictures to
---Ormsby of Tubbervaddy, Roscommon. The pictures either went with the money
---or to one Deey? Whom she frequently mentions of Ravensdale, Co. Kildare. Her
---executors were Ormsby of Tubbervaddy & Thomas Johnston of Dublin. She
---leaves some property to her son David N. Donelan who was cut out by her
---husband's Will.

52.-- 1801--Donnelan,-David-Nixon---Rivindale,-Co. Kildare,-Esq.
---David Nixon Donelan-late of Ravensdale, Co. Kildare 1801. Of Kidivelly,
---Caermarthen, Wales. Leaves all to his wife Elizabeth in trust for his children not

53.-- 1801--Donellan,-Thomas----Limerick-City, Gent.

54.-- 1804--Donelan,-Joseph----Killagh,-Co. Galway,-Esq.

55.-- 1805--Donallan,-Margaret----Killswood,-Co. Galway

--56.--Hussey, Anthony S. H200 Co. Dublin, West Town; Type: Marriage
--Settlement; Status: Original; Date: 12 August 1812; NA Reference: 1173/5
--Notes: Marriage to Mable Donelan; DID: 33230.
----I obtained a copy of this marriage settlement document from the National
----Archives in Dublin. 30+ pages long. Interesting from historical perspective.

--57. Donnellan, Mary D545 Co. Dublin, City of Dublin; Type: Will; Status:
--Extract; Date: 13 November 1812; Granted: Dublin & Glendalough Diocese;
--NA Reference: Char1/1/p298; DID: 19181.

58.---1821--Donilan,-Anthony----Balleighter,-Co. Galway,-Gent.


--60. Donnellan, John D545 Type: Administration; Status: Transcript; Year:
--1828; Granted: Dublin & Glendalough Diocese; Executor / Administrator
--Donnellan, William, Harolds Cross, Dublin; NA Reference: IAR/1828/F/6
--DID: 19186.

61. Donnellan, Catherine D545; Type: Administration; Status: Transcript
--Year: 1829; Where Proved/Granted: Prerogative Court;
--Executor/Administrator Donnellan, Matthew, Address: Leinster Street,
--Dublin; NA Reference: IAR/1829/F/58; DID: 19189.

62. Donnellan, Mary D545 M500 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year: 1829;
--Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor / Administrator; Mooney, Thomas,
--Caroline Row; NA Reference: IWR/1829/F/46; DID: 19179.

63. Donelan, Malachi D545 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year: 1830;
--Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Donelan, Jonathon,
--Ballydonelan; NA Reference: IWR/1830/F/529; DID: 19119.

--64. Donelan, Mathew D545 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year:
--1831;Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Donelan,
--Malachy, 22 Great Charles Street, Dublin; NA Reference: IWR/1831/F/157;
--DID: 19120.

-----Mathew Donelan, late of Paris, Will made 22 February 1830, all the
-----property The testrix (?) executive committee power of ??? app Over f
-----4000 in favor of children. Marice Donnellan, wife

--65. Donelan, Malachy D545 Type: Administration; Status: Transcript; Year:
--1831; Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Donelan, Arthur
--Ballydonlan near Aughrim; NA Reference: IAR/1831/F/131;DID: 19129

--66. Donelan, John D545 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year: 1832;
--Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Donelan, Arthur,
---Ballydomlan; NA Reference: IWR/1832/F/169; DID 19123.

--67. Donelan, William=D545 C555 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year:
--1832; Granted Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Comynan, Nicholas, Rutland Street; NA Reference: IWR/1832/F/209; DID: 19124.

--68. Donnellan, William D545 Co. Dublin; Harold's Cross; Type: Will; Status:
--Original; Year: 1833; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference: 999/575/180;
--DID: 19171.

--69. Donelan, Honora D545 U260 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year: 1834;
--Granted: PrerogativeCourt; Executor/Administrator: Usher, William of
--Eastwell NA Reference: IWR/1834/F/647; DID: 19127.
-----Died: November 1834-----Date of Will:-- 7 November 1834
-----Executor: William Usher --- Probated: -- 29 November 1834
-----Sworn Under: f 3230.
-----Legacies: --- The Bond and Warrant by Arthur Donelan for f 3100
-----penalty the debt being of course f 1550 as follows:
-----f 550 to William Usher, Bro. f 550 to Rev. C ? f 550 to Ellis Burke
-----niece. Note: The Testrix bequeaths her diamond crop gold watch chains,
-----seals and other ornament to her sister Ellis Burke. She likewise
-----bequeaths her a horse and cart. ?? -- If the above mentioned property is
-----of the value of f 100.
-----f 500 lodged to Testrix credit in the Galway Provincial Bank as follows:
-----f 100 thereof to Ellis Burk sister
-----f 100 hereof to Rev. C. Usher, bro. And subject thereto & f 50 to Olivia
-----Donelan -- Shackville (probably Stackville). f 30 to Ellen Shack?ele
-----f 60 in small legacies & the Testrix debts and funeral expenses. The
-----balance (if any) to Wm Usher.
-----f 150 due Testrix on the 1st November by the deed of Arthur Donelan.
-----Residue except a carriage specific beq'd to Mrs. Donelan & three
-----diamond rings + two pearl hoops to Arthur Donelan+also except for note.
-----Household Goods----f ----70.0.0
-----Securities ----------------2070.0.0
-----Other Property---------- 407.0.0
-------------------------------f --2547.0.0

--70. Donnellan, John D545 Type: Administration;Status: Transcript; Year:
--1833; Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor / Administrator: Donnellan,
--Nathaniel, Jockey Hall; NA Reference: IAR/1833/F/9; DID: 19187.
-----From Eneclann: Died 25 August 1832; Brother of Nathaniel; Value of Assets
-----f 300.

--71. Donnellan, Margaret D545 Type: Administration; Status: Transcript;
--Year of Will: 1833; Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator
--Donnellan, N., Jockey Hall; NA Reference: IAR/1833/F/125; DID: 19188.

--72. Donnellan, William Rochfort D545 Bathwick, Somerset, England; Type
--Will & Grant; Status: Transcript; Year: 1834; Granted: Prerogative Court;
--NA Reference: Prerogative Will Book/F/396a; DID: 19167.

--73. Donnellan, William Rochfort D545 Type: Will; Status: Copy; Date: 9
--January 1834; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference: LEC/3172;
--DID: 19166.

--74. Donnellan, William Edwards D545 Co. Wexford; Type: Will; Status:
--Copy; Date: 28 March 1835; NA Reference: LEC/3172; DID: 19168.
--23. Donnellan, William Edwards D545 Co. Wexford; Type: Will; Status:
--Copy; NA Reference: LEC/3172; Notes: No date; DID: 19169.

--75. Donelan, Malachy D545 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year 1839;
--Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Donelan, C.,
--Gardiner's Street; NA Reference: IWR/1839/F/387; DID: 19128.

--76. Donelan, Malachy D545 Co. Sligo; Formerly of Castle Island, Kerry;
--Type: Probate; Status Transcript; Year: 1839; Granted: Prerogative Court
--NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/146a; DID: 19114.

-----Will dtd. 12 February 1837
-----All the property to the wife
-----Inventory f 360.10.6

--77. Donnellan, Timothy D545 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year: 1838
--Granted: Prerogative Court;Executor / Administrator: Donnellan, A.,
--Tullamore; NA Reference: IWR/1838/F/543; DID: 19184.

--78. Donelan, John D545 Type: Will; Status: Transcript; Year: 1839;
--Granted: Prerogative Court; Executor/Administrator: Donelan, E., Dowry;
--NA Reference: IWR/1839/F/635; Document ID: 19125.
-----Died:-------24 May 1839-------Date of Will: 29 April 1839
-----Place:------Parish of Clifton in Bristol
-----Executor:-Elizabeth Donellan
-----Probated:-24 December 1839
-----Sum Sworn:-Under f 11,000
-----1. 100 : Vide Enge Rest. D. L. 1839 fol 385
-----Legatees: Mary Donelan, sister.
-----2. Peate Farms belonging to the Donelan family.
-----Legatee: Mary Donelan, sister.
-----3. f 300
-----Legate: (?Susan) Gibbs -- ??
-----4.-Residue except a needed watch specif belonged to M. Donelan ubject
-----to the f 250 in legacies not liable to duty. Testor gives his wife f 50 in
-----Irish to apply same in such charitable and religious purposes as she may
-----think proper. Elizabeth Donelan ors Gibbs to whom testor was married at
-----Kinsale May 1827 by a Catholic Priest who has ever since been his
-----affectionate and beloved wife.
-----In the Funds------------f 3000.14.5
-----In Public Cos.--------------430.0.0
-----Rents & etc.---------------2390.0.0
------------------------------f 10,870.4.6

--79. Donnellan, Pat D545 Co. Galway, Dunmore; Type: Will; Status: Extract;
--Date: 19 October 1841; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference:
--Char1/12/p479; DID: 19182.

80. Donelan, Mary Phillipine D545 Status: Widow; Co. Galway, Town of
--Galway; Type administration Will Annexed; Status: Extract; Date: 1 March
--1845; Granted: Prerogative Court; NA Reference: Char1/13/p2; DID: 19122.

81. Donnellan, James D545 Occupation: Esquire; Co. Galway, Lattoon;
--Document: Commission; Status: Transcript; Year: 1751; Granted:
--Prerogative Court; NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/197a; DID:

--82. Donnellan, Hugh Stafford D545 Occupation: Captain in 81st Regiment; Co:
--Wicklow; Address: Bray; Type: Will & Grant; Status: Copy;Year: 1855;
--Granted: Dublin & Glendalough Diocese; NA Reference: T/19849;
--Notes LEC/1731; DID: 19173.

--83. Donelan, Elly D545 Status: Spinster; County: Galway. Menbo Castle;
--Type: Will; Status: Extract; Date: 30 December 1856; Granted: Prerogative
--Court; NA Reference: Char1/15/p182; DID: 19121.
-----[Menbo should be Menlo JLD]. Executor listed as S. ?? Donelan of (?)ullagh,
-----Woodlawn. f to Marry Molloy at the Widows & Orphans Asylum, Galway. If
-----Mary dies before her, money to be divided among 8 of the oldest/poorest of the
-----unmarried inmates. f 9 to her parish priest requesting his prayers.