This data was abstracted from a book entitled "Irish Marriages":

1771 to 1812
By Henry Farrar; London, England; 1890

I have added my comments in brackets [ ] to amend the file with data confirmed elsewhere in my research. JLD


Donelan, Miss = Killen, Viscount. 1785 . This is the marriage between Arthur James Plunkett, K. P., 8th Earl of Fingall, Woolhampton Lodge, Co. Berks, U.K. [and Frances, dau. of John of Ballydonelan ].*

Donelan, Chr. = Doolan, Miss Sep 1772

Donelan, Jane = Ward, J., Liscurb 1804. Jane was 2nd dau. of Stephen of Cardiff Jamaica.*


Donellan, John = Shadwell, Miss May 1771


Donnelan, Thos.=O'Connor, Miss, at Tuam July 1771 . [ This introduced the line of O'Conor Donelans into the extended family. Much more on this later]'*

Donnelan, Miss [ Frances, she d. 1804 ] = French, Rbt 1775. [ Robert was of Innfield, Co. Roscommon; She was of Henry Street, Dublin ].*

Donnelan, Mr., Marble Hill, co. Galway = Lambert, Miss, dau. of Charles., of Cregclare, Co. Galway. 8 Apr 1780.*

Donnelan, Miss [ Anne Augusta , dau. of James Donellan of Tubbettinan, Co. Meath ] = O'Berne, Rev. Chas. 1784 .*

Donnelan, Miss [ Of County Meath ] = Taffe, Andrew 1788. [ Andrew of Summerhill Co. Louth ]

Donnelan, Miss = Sheridan, Dr. [ Navan, Co. Meath ] 1789.

Donnelan, Miss [ Dau. of late David Nixon of Artane ] = Mayer, W.E.*

Donnelan, Ann [ Dau. of John Francis, Braycastle, Co. Wicklow ] = Delany, Pat. 1811 [ Castle Burrow, Co. Kilkenny ]. May 1811.

Donnelan, Arthur, Werburgh St. = Drury, Miss, Limerick Dec. 1784.

Donnelan, David Nixon, [ son of Nehemiah of Artane & Catherine, daughter of David Nixon ], Ravensdale = Cull[e]n, Miss, Dorset St. Aug 1776.*


Donnellan, Nehemiah, e.s. ( eldest son ) of Nicholas, of Jockey Hall = Hunt, Dorethea, dau. of Daniel, at New Garden, co. Galway Sep 1807 *


* There are 15 Donnellan/Variant marriages listed between 1771 and 1812.,
The 9 marked with a * are of Archbishop Nehemiah's lineage. They appear on Ms. 467 which has proven to be 95% or higher in accuracy. Eventually. This pedigree will be published in segments and Donnellans of all variants can use it as a guide to trace their respective lines.