1. Donnellan, Andrew, 5th s. of Tully, of Bearnahallagh, Co. Galway. Sch. 1599. B.A. 1602. Rector and Vicar of Downlieske, i.e. Doon, etc., Dec 4, 1608; Vicar of Pallas Green (1615); Prebend of Oula (Limerick); Parson of Doon (Limerick); Dean of Cashel, 1606-07 (Cotton, i 35); died Jan 31, 1639-40 (FE); able to teach in Irish).

2. Donnellan (Donelan), Christopher, Pen. (Mr. Sheridan, Dublin) Nov. 11, 1718, aged 16 [ b. abt. 1702 ]; s. of Nehemiah, Baro Capitalis; b) Dublin, B. A. Vern 1723. M. A. Aest. 1726. Fellow 1728. D.D. Vern. 1740. (Rector of Innis-Carra; died Jan 25, 1750-51).

3. Donellan, Edmund, 2nd s. of Nehemiah, Archbishop of Tuam. Sch. 1603. B. A. 1608. Fellow June 3, 1611, resigned and readmitted Aug 19, 1612. B.D. (Rector of Clonemore (Ossory) April 26, 1609;Vicar of St. Nicholas of Castledough (Ossory), resigned 1617; M. A. 1612; Archdeacon of Cashel, 1610-40, resigned 1640.)

4. Donnellan (Donellan), George, Pen. (Mr. Morrison), May 13, 1641, aged 20 [ b. abt. 1621 ]; eldest s. of Edmund, Streamstown, Co. Westmeath.

5. Donnellan (Donnellan), Gilbert, S.C. (Eton Sch.), Oct 2, 1751, aged 18 [ b. abt. 1733 ]; eldest s. of Edmund, Streamstown,
Co. Westmeath.

6. Donnellan (Donellan), James, 3rd s. of Nehemiah, Archbishop of Tuam. Sch. 1607. B. A. 1610. Fellow Aug 26, 1612. M. A.
Dec 1, 1613. (Admitted to Lincoln's Inn June 11, 1616. Presented to rectories of Castellie, otherwise Cloghnaroill and
Roeghranain (Limerick) June 9, 1612, to be at liberty to reside in the College while necessary to complete his studies, the
cure of souls not being neglected, but afterwards to reside on the said rectories, otherwise this presentation to be void).

7. Donnellan (Donellan), James,S.C. (Mr Johnson, Eton Sch.) Aug 4, 1694, aged 16 [ b. abt. 1678 ]; s. of Nehemiah,Armiger,
b. Dublin.

8. Donnellan (Donellan), James, S.C. (Dr. Thompson), June 22, 1747 [ b. abt. 1730 ]; (N.F.P.) B. A. Vern. 1750.

9. Donnellan, John, S.C. (Mr. Stephens, Leixlip), Feb 4, 1720-21, aged 17 [ b. abt. 1703-04 ]; s. of James, Armiger; b. Dublin, B. A. Vern. 1724. (M.P., Ardee, 1727).

10. Donnellan, John, B. A. Vern. 1734.

11. Donnellan, John, Pen. (Dr. Mills), July 9, 1739, aged 15 [ b. abt. 1724 ]; s. of Nehemiah, Generosous; b. Dublin.

12. Donnellan, John, Pen. (Mr. Staunton) Aug 4, 1794, aged 16 [ b. abt. 1778 ]; R.C., son of John, redempt. (N.F.P.) B. A. Aest.

13. Donnellan (Donellan), John, Pen, (Maynooth College), Nov 6, 1815, aged 18 [b. abt. 1797]; R.C., s. of Matthew,
Generosous; b. Kildare.

14. Donnellan (Donelan), Matthew, S.C. (Dr. Potts, England), Oct 5, 1812, aged 18 [ b. abt. 1794 ]; R.C., s. of Malachy,
Generosous; b. Dublin, Aest. 1816.

15. Donnellan (Donellan), Minimus (perhaps Murtogh), 6th s. of Nehemiah, Abp of Tuam, Sch 1614.

16. Donnellan (Donellan), Nehemiah, Pen. (Mr. Morison), May 15, 1641, aged 17 [ b. abt. 1624 ]; 2nd s. of Edmund, Theologae
Professor, b. Co. Louth.

17. Donnellan (Donelane) Nehemiah, S.C. (Mr. Shaw), Feb 8, 1665-66, aged 16 [b. abt. 1649-50 ]; s. of James, Armiger Cura
Regis de Comon Plees in Hybernia Justitiarus primus; b. Dublin. (Chief Baron of the Exchequer).

18. Donnellan (Donellan), Nehemiah, Pen. (Mr. Keogh), April 13, 1691-92, aged 15 [ b. abt 1676-77 ]; s. of Edmund,
Generosous; b. Toboy, Co. Roscommon. B. A. Vern. 1696.

19. Donnellan, Nehemiah, S.C. (Dr. Chamberlaine, Dublin), Jan 21, 1714-15 [ b.abt. 1697-98 ]; aged 17; s. of Nehemiah, Baro Capitalis; b. Dublin. B. A. Vern.1718. (M.P., Co. Tipperary 1737).

20. Donnellan, Nehemiah, Pen. (Mr. Stephens, Leixlip), June 4, 1723, aged 15 [ b. abt. 1708 ]; s. of James, Armiger; b. Dublin.

21. Donnellan, Nehemiah, S.C. (Dr. Mills), July 9, 1739, aged 17 [ b. abt. 1722 ]; s. of Nehemiah, Armiger. b. Dublin. B. A. Vern. 1743. (M. P., Clogher, 1757; Governor of Carrickfergus, 1763).

22. Donnellan, Tege (Thaddeus). Sch. 1613. B. A. Aest 1617. M. A. Aest 1620.

23. Donnellan, William, 4th s. of Nehemiah, Abp of Tuam. Probationer Sept 19, 1612. Sch. 1613. B. A. Aest 1617. M. A. Aest
1620. (Vicar of Stahalmock (Meath) Mar 28, 1622. died Oct 30, 1624).

24. Donnellan (Donellan), William, Pen. (Mr. Keogh), Mar 7,1691-92, aged 15 [ b. abt. 1676-77 ]; s. of Edmund, Generosous;
b. Toboy, Co. Roscommon. Sch 1696. B. A. Vern 1696. M. A. Aest 1699.

25. Donnellan, William, Pen. (Rev. James Ross, Mullingar), July 12, 1728, aged 16 [ b. abt, 1712 ]; s. of Gilbert, Generosous;
b. Streamstown, Co. Westmeath. B. A. Aest. 1733.


1. Donelan, Edmund, 2nd s. of Anthony, Nutgrove, Co. Tipperary, decd., and Clare Burke; L.I., April 1780 (certificate Nov.
1790). Jan. 1792.

2. Donelan, Mathew, 2nd s. of John, Ballydonelan, Co. Galway and Kate Hore; L.I., 1783, kept 11 terms. June 1792.

3. Donelan (Donnellan), Matthew, 3rd s. of Malachy, Ballydonelan, Co. Galway, and Frances Bellew; b. 5 August 1794; ed.
TCD. T 1814 (M 1813 ms). G.I., T 1816. H 1820.

4. Donelan, Nicholas, clerk, June 1724.

5. Donelan, Patrick, 3rd s. of Matthew, Dublin, and Maria Fallon; over 16; ed. St. Edmund's College, Hertfordshire; afft. Father. M 1814.

6. Donelan, John, attorney Nov. 1675.

7. Donnellan, Anthony, 1st s. of Edmond, Galway, barrister, decd. and Jane Martin; over 16; ed. Galway; afft. Edmond Balfe, attorney. M 1819
8. Donnellan, James, 3rd s. of Nehemiah, Archbishop of Tuam, decd. At the request of Sir James Ley, attorney, Courts of Wards and Liveries, late Chief Justice Knig's Bench, Ireland, L.I., 11 June 1616. 6 Nov. 1623.

9. Donnellan, James, s. of William, 24 Queens Square, Dublin; aged 25, was assistant in drapery business; afft. Father.
H 1864.

10. Donnellan, John, 1st s. of John, Baggot Street, Dublin, builder, and Anne Stafford; ed. TCD; H 1799.

11. Donnellan, William, junr., s. of William;, 24 Queens Square, Dublin; under 25; was in a drapery establishment; afft. Father. T 1863.



1. June 11, 1616 153 James Donellan 3rd son of Nehemiah D., late Archbishop of
Tuam, decd, at request of Sir James Ley, Atty, Courts
of Wards and Liveries, late Ch. Justice K. Bench,

2. June 30, 1627 127b Malachy Donnellan Son and heir apparent, of John D., of Castle Donellan,
Ireland, arm. (JLD NOTE - Malachy is anglicized version of Melaghlin; Date entered could place Malachy birth at abt. 1607 + or - 3 years - maybe.).

3. May 29, 1634 90b William Donnellan 2nd son of John D., of Castle Donnellan, Co. Galway,
arm. (NOTE: This is first reliable source of a second son to John. The next indication appears on Ms. 467). Birth abt. 1614.


4. November 15, 1777 60 John Donnellan Eldest son of James D., of Oristown, Co. Meath, Esq.

5. February 6, 1783 170 Matthew Donelan Of Christ Church, Oxford, Esq., 2nd son of John D.,
late of Ballydonelan, Co. Galway, Esq., decd.

6. April 14, 1787 61 Edmund Donelan Gent., 2nd son of Anthony D., late of Nutgrove, Co.
Galway, Esq., decd.

7. January 7, 1801 168 John Donnellan Gent., of Bagot St., Dublin, Esq.

My personal thanks to Josephine Hutchings, Archivist at the Lincoln's Inn Library for providing this data at no fee. Ms.
Hutchings also offered that a Mr. James Donnelland was called to the bar (Yep, he's a Donnellan) on February 4, 1623---
Undoubtably this was Sir James listed at #1 above.


1. John Donnellon, son of Nehemiah of Dublin, Ireland, gentlemen. Matriculated, ( ie was admitted to the University)
From Christ Church on 4 April 1698, aged 15 [ JLD NOTE: b. abt. 1683]; of the Middle Temple, 1701; his father barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, 1689, as 3rd son of Sir James, Chief Justice of Common Pleas, Ireland.

2. Matthew Donelan, son of John of Dublin, esquire. Matriculated from Christ Church on 13 November 1782, aged 18 [ JLD
Note - b. abt. 1764]; of Lincoln's Inn, 1783.

My personal thanks to Mr. Simon Bailey, Archivist at Oxford University Archives for providing the aforementioned data. He added that neither of the two mentioned graduated and referred me to Christ Church for more information.


1. John Donnellon, son of Nehemiah, Gent., who was a barrister at the Middle Temple and whose own father, Sir James, was Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland. John was born in Dublin and came up to Christ Church as a gentleman commoner in March 1698 [ b. abt. 1683 ]. He matriculated as a member of the University on 4 April, when he was 15
[ JLD NOTE: b. abt. 1683] and became a member of Middle Temple in 1701. He does not appear to have taken a degree.

2. Matthew Donelan was the son of John, and was also born in Dublin. He came up to Christ Church in November 1782, aged 18 [b. abt. 1764]. He remained there only a very short time, apparently going down in March 1783 having been tutored for those few months by Phineas Pett. He became a member of Lincoln's Inn in 1783.

3. .Nehemiah Donnellan came up to Christ Church in 1718 as a nobleman. He was possible the son of the John above. Although he did not matriculate at the University, Nehemiah was admitted to Christ Church in May 1718 staying here for a year until May 1719

My personal thanks to Ms. Judith Curthoys, Archivist at Christ Church, Oxford, for providing the aforementioned data at no fee.


1. Patrick Donelan - attended S. Edmund's College between 1805 and 1813. No other information.

2. John Donelan 1801 - 1809

3. Malachy Donelan 1805 - 1811

4. Henry Donellan 1799 only

My personal thanks to Mr. David Kay, Vice-President, the Edmundian Association of St. Edmund's College for providing
The aforementioned data at no fee.


From an E-Mail:
James was here c. 1690-1694 and is thought to be Nehemiah's son. On ly two other members of the family appear to have attended (though prior to 1790 our lists are not complete).

1747 - 1750/51 Gilbert, son of Edmund of Streamstown, CO. Westmeath TCD 2 October 1751.

1764 - 1770 David Nixon, son of Nehemiah of Artane and Catherine, dau. of David Nixon of Ravensdale, Co. Kildare.
He married Elizabeth Cullen of Dorset St., Dublin in August 1776, Will proved 11 March 1801.

My personal thanks to Mr. P. Hatfield, College Archivist at Eton, for providing the aforementioned data at no fee.